Why do people like lil wayne so much?

Why do people like lil wayne so much ewww hes not that good people say hes a good rapper. Hell no tha nia doesnt even know what the fck he sayin Ok how bout this “im me im me baby im me ya not me im you so fck you” - lil wayne. How the f8ck can you be sumebody else if you just said your yourself??? do you see what im sayin? I cant stand him im tired of herein his booshey a. “ooh lil wayne sexy” “ohhh lil wayne can rap” NO HE CANT!!! ok he make good beats but thats it! big deal so does shawty lo. He can rap AND MAKES SENSE!!! and his beats are extra RAW!

Answer #1

People like Lil Wayne so much because big wigs pay big bucks to put his image out there so the consumers of the masses can buy it up because what they get from the music is what they want to be, not who they really are. To give a good analogy, if the hip-hop world was the food industry, Lil Wayne would be McDonalds; It’s overly advertised and because of that a lot of people eat there. But if you take the time to analyze the food, it’s actually just a lot junk boiled down to make money off the masses and is definitely not the best restaurant out there.

Answer #2

Lil wayne seems fake for some odd reason. Hes cool to a point, I like some of the songs he features in. I don’t like his solo shit, he say he awesome but I don’t see it

Answer #3

I agree with slackerton18. I don’t hate Wayne and he may be the hottest rapper out there but not for his style but because he is being over advertised. Just think about the one back guy that came out on Idol signing pants on the ground. There are people out there that look for staff like this because they know that things like that will make them money. Like for exsample since I know Wanye is the hottest rapper out there right now, I can make T-shirt with his face on it and sell them for 5 to 10 dollar and get paid. Waye is not getting any of that money but he is getting more fame. So it not because his rap is ill. I do belive his rap is crap. It grabage. Yet he is not the only one. I belive rap has die as a whole. It not just wayne it’s wayne and all this other new rapper coming up that has kill hip hop. I mean look at T-Pain, come on enough with this robot voices. Unless you are ignorant and don’t realize that this singer or rapper use this methon because they can’t sing. So they cheat by useing that robotic voice yet ignorant people thinks that is talent. LOL Yall wanna know real rap bring back beat and rap style like pac and biggie, cypress hill, da youngsta and many more back in the 90s. Sh#t even Mark Biz can rap better then wayne. Wayne you may be rich and the hottest rapper out now but you are not certenly the greatest rapper ever. I think everybody that knows real rap knows who is that and if you don’t know go back to 1996 r.I.p.

Answer #4

You see the four answers you just got? Some even gave examples of his rap. You read those lyrics and they are CRAP. It’s people like this. Ignorant. They think that because he says he’s good then he’s good. You’ll notice that he is the biggest headed rapper out there. I’m not a Lil Wayne hater. I would be completely happy if he was the richest person in the world as long as he quit rapping. His music is crap, his lyrics are crap. The only thing he has is a good beat. People like him because he says he’s the best. He has good beats and a rich stepdad to promote him. His stepdad paid for him to be in TONS of songs so people started liking him. He’s pathetic as a human and a rapper. I realize people with an IQ under 100 are going to probably comment back and try to act bad and stuff. But it’s the truth. He sucks and if it wasn’t for his stepdad he wouldn’t be famous at all. He had a ghostwriter for his first album, not saying he still does because I’m not sure. But the first Carter album weren’t even his lyrics, I realize again, dumb people will argue with this but it’s a fact.

Answer #5

I like a lot of people dont hate lil wayne but I do think he is a horrible rapper he makes no sense and only has good beats there are better rappers who rap about the shit in real life like tech n9ne, andre nickatina, and 2pac are much better

Answer #6

he is the best and will stay the best fools.hey the guy can rap and got stecks loaded releasing everyday top it and see you cnt,

Answer #7

nice debate going on here…wait..its not a debate, more like arguing (theres a difference) arguing has no point in this case. the reason why people like lil wayne is because he is commercialized, hes on the radio ,people reveal bout him and truth is he is overhyped, to me dude aint sucessfuljust because he is a millionaire. from where im at success is bout respect and keepin it real.all wayne talks bout is money and materialism and nonsensical stuff. rap is what you do and hip hop is what you live-krs one and with that said wayne aint doing both!(face it,I know kids who will murder him on his own track) he just a cat getting paper living ignorant and your better off listening to nas and the real dudes.

Answer #8

LIL WAYNE CAN RAP you just don’t understand stand it…but I agree that hes s0o fucken ugly

Answer #9

Lil wayne is gay. Listen to wu-tang, nas, and mf doom, they all way better.

Answer #10

iam they are just made because he make million in years then thry make and why is he in ever song because people love him

Answer #11

Lil Wayne sucks. All he talks about is money and girls being sex objects. A good example of that would be that song every girl. His lyrics are lame, he does that gay laugh, and he uses auto tune. Plus he has been featured a million times. But it is not just Lil Wayne that sucks, pretty much all mainstream rappers suck. Old school and underground are the best. Real rappers consist of Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Big L, Immortal Technique, Jedi Mind Ticks, Cunninlynguists, etc.

Answer #12

I honestly have NO idea… he is garbage… he is a swagger jacker… look it up on youtube… the song lil wayne did with pleasure p called, rock bottom, his whole verse is Left Eyes from TLC A.K.A Aaliyah… and you call that talent? wtf? and you all compare him to 2pac? get the FCK outta here… he will NEVER be as good as 2pac or Biggie… Wayne will never go to that heaven for G, he aint “gangsta”, my Gay but not Gangsta… since when is it “GANGSTA” to wear tight as shirts and skinny jeans? lmao… and wayne called michael jackson a fag??? but MJ wasn’t the one who was on the internet and BET kissing other men… Baby A.K.A Birdman isn’t even his real dad… Baby’s sperm did NOT make him… why is he kissing him? THAT SIT IS GAY… LMAO and what’s lil waynes nickname? WEEZY “FUCIN” BABY… LOL WOW… He should be wanted for the murder of hip-hop… and when is it “GANGSTA” to start making rock music… WTF? its these little middle and high school kids that don’t know sh*t about music at all that like him… call me a hater if you want but its all you people who think he is some kind of GOD is why I hate him… why did 2pac and Biggie have to die? they actually had talent…

Answer #13

Straight up, if you think Lil Wayne has any talent then you need to be educated on what rap is. I’m a fuking white @ss btch from the OC and I can tell you that his stuff is weak. Don’t believe me? Try referencing rappers who have something intelligent to say and you’ll understand where I’m coming from. My 8 year old nephew has more smarts than that dumbass.

Answer #14

lil wayne is just another hood dude with a lot of money come on now.who wouldnt like him when I c or look at him im looking at the money while his looking at want to f**k me.

Answer #15

He can rap He’s one ove the best. And if you like lil wayne that’s good. lil wayne is his on person.lil wayne has the most gold,dimins,chans,I ever seen. ones I sall berdman give lil wayne a 50;000 pice

Answer #16

If what your is saying is Lil Wayne can rap because he can say sh*t like: “”Brand new coupe, drivin’ crazy then them other’s Sittin’ low in the seats with the burner sittin’ under Got my tank top on, it probably ain’t summer But I ride like that because I’m hotter than the others.” I guess you are entitled to think that, what I think people are saying is that it’s not that difficult to come up with lines like that..there are way better MC’s out there than this guy. For example check this line by Talib Kweli: “Places where you get murdered over a glare, but everything is fair. It’s a paradox we call reality, so keeping it really will make you a casualty of abnormal normality, killers born naturally like Mickey and Mallory, not knowing your way will get you capped like an NBA salary.” …

Answer #17

well lets see maybe it doesn’t make any sense because YOU don’t know what the fck he sayin. It goes like this I’m Me! I’m Me! I’m Me! I’m Me! Baby, I’m Me! So, Who You?! You Not Me! You Not Me! And I Know that Ain’t Fair… I agree with them, why post something about him if you don’t like him? you sure be thinkin about him HUH. Anywaysz he ugly but that don’t mean ish, his flow is siq && he spits metaphores like crazy. read his lyrics without the song and break it down, maybe you’ll understand him better

Answer #18

yu got the lyrics wrong if yur going to make a point at least make sure its right first.


Answer #19

‘Cause he’s f*cking awesome.

Answer #20

being the best rapper does not mean you sell more records, look hot, have lyrics that address important or “smart” issues. Rap is about flow, rhythm, lyrics that sound good together and make sense together and are clever, having an interesting voice that you know how to use, and doing something new, having your own style.

Lil Wayne’s skills in each of those categories are of the best.

I’m not saying he is the best, but along with Biggie, Tupac, Wu-Tang, MF Doom, and some others, he belongs on the list.

Some one please tell me if I said something wrong. And tell me what makes him a bad rapper.

Answer #21

Um Eminem is the best rapper, best seller in the world. In history…”You get the message? Am I gettin’ through to you? You know what’s comin’, you motherfers dont even know, do you? Take some big and some Pac and you mix em’ up in a pot sprinkle a little big L on top, what the f do you got? You got the realest and illest killas tied up in a knot, The juggernauts of this Rap sh*t, like it or not. It’s like a fight to the top just to see who’d die for the for the spot. You put ya life in this, nothin’ like survivin’ a shot Y’all know what time it is, soon as fifty signs on this dot.”

Answer #22

lil wayne sucks! Every musician at my school or whoever I bump into says he sucks every Rapper/ singer/ everything else that deals with music of today says he sucks.

Answer #23

some people just hate hate hate, I see they mention other rappers to compare to wayne. but my question to them is where are and where were these rappers when the wayne single handedly took over the game. people say he wouldnt be successful without birdman. lol. are you serious. cash money wouldnt be alive without wayne. prime example of that would be to name the last successful album that wasnt lil wayne’s from cash money. and I see some people need to do their homework before they look stupid as some of you look. artist dont pay to get on a track, artist get paid to be on a track so whoever said birdman paid for wayne to be on everybody song, please kill yourself. and umm truthspeaker have you noticed that lil wayne has gotten better since any of the so called ghost writers he had. whats funny to me is gilly da kid tried to take credit for waynes work. so cash money released gilly. and now three years later wayne is more successful than any artist. how do you explain that. just something to think about. hate on haters

Answer #24

if misery loves company…then only the young, dumb & ignorant will love lil wayne? I.e., any person that will memic his style by wearing their pants down hanging way down soo low that the whole world can vividly see your boxers from the waist band on down to the end of ya boxers, and any female that finds that attractive/cute. lil wayne and the whole cash money clique are opportunist. at the moment, there are no other hard crushing lyricist out right right now to take the reigns away from them. there are, but I guess it’s not even worth the battle to them. right now…everybody in da rap game is trying to eat. however, hopefully before 2012 (lol) we’ll get to experience the next great…well just about anybody that was before lil wayne & the materialistic cash money clique. hell…even another vanilla ice would be refreshing at this point lol but in all actuality, lil wayne cannot rap…he’s not the best lyricist, and he does sound like he’s crying and wining in his music. his voice is annoying, and his lyrics does NOT make any sense at all. everything he raps about is JUST about money..hoes..and well…that’s it lol I must admit tho, I’ve heard him on maybe like outta his whole career, maybe like 3 joints that I would say he sounded hot on. anything after that, it was like chinese torcher on the mind and ears. take it from someone who has been listening to and fell in love with rap/hip-hop every since the great curtis blow, all the way down to the greatest rapper alive, jay z…and that’s where it ends. anyone after jay z, it is just about marketing & promotion. if you so called hip-hop fans out there consider lil wayne the best rapper/lyricist alive, then im convinced…hip-hop is most definitely DEAD.

Answer #25

I am a huge fan of lil wanye on the other hand, it is hard to understand him(I know this because of my first time listening to him a long time ago) however, if you love music (which is possible for every person who have commeted) and look at it a different way from lycrics,beats and, sound you would respect lil wanye despite, all the the facts and all the problems surrounding him. just take the time to use your brain more and look at his and others music in a different way.

Answer #26

I agree to the fullest extent. I like rap… just not lil wayne, I think he is overplayed and really has no reason to be liked, he rhymes the same words over and over again and cries in his music. along with that, like you said he doesn’t make sense. I’m not saying I absoultly hate him, but he sure as hell isn’t the “best rapper alive.”

Answer #27

Listen to some Wu-Tang clan, and especially listen to the song Da mystery of Chessboxxin- Masta Killa’s verse (last one). That verse is by far one of illest I’ve ever heard. Then when you’re done listening, listen to Lil wayne and ask yourself why you listen to him? Now that’s not a rhetorical question, meaning you like like Lil Wayne for other reasons; his style per say. So all and all, listen to other MC’s and see if what you find in Lil Wayne is abolished when you listen to other rappers.

Answer #28

Okay, honestly… who cares. If you hate him so much why would you post something about him? Lame.

Answer #29

lil wayne CAN RAP…he’s tight as hell…have you heard his song BRAND NEW??? if you really listen to what he’s sayin it’ll make perfect sense to you…for example here’s something that he says in that song “Brand new coupe, drivin’ crazy then them other’s Sittin’ low in the seats with the burner sittin’ under Got my tank top on, it probably ain’t summer But I ride like that because I’m hotter than the others…I mean that one line rite there is VISCIOUS…lil wayne is with the bizness

Answer #30

lil’ wayne…honestly is the TRUTH!!! he can rap, to me. but everybody entitled to their own opinion

Answer #31

he used to be able to rap but now he sucks balls he a wannabe rockstar and that made him loose his rap abilities. his music is crap now. I believe the game is the best rapper right now.

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