Does Extenze work?

I’ve seen like a million commercials on this stuff does it actually work?

Answer #1

I’ve used it for almost a month and noticed a difference. I’m not a lil guy, I just wanted to see if it did anything at all. I noticed harded erections since I’ve used it. So hard my johnson is kinda sore after sex. Maybe its different with different men.

Answer #2

that depends on what you wish the results to be, if you are expecting a permanent enlargement, no it will not work. if you read the fine print on the commercial- you will see that it provides only a temporary enlargement. the ancient chinese and other cultures utilized bee stings to make that part swell up, possibly the same thing extenze is doing. I would not try it because I believe that you will be dissappointed.

Answer #3

what’s really funny is you men saying women have big or small vaginas. you are actually very wrong, unless something is inside it, the walls are touching. there is no open space! when a woman is turned on it literally opens to allow the man to come in. it is part of arousal. thats why if she is not ready or turned on it will feel different. in addition to that, do you really think a baby is able to come out because a woman is just that big? read about labor, a womans cervix and vagina DILATES (gets bigger) in order to let the baby out. and it is still not easy - thats why they have to PUSH and experience extreme pain. I swear if men actually knew their facts the world would be so different. whoever was posting about vagina reduction surgery or the delivery of babies is a fucking idiot and deserves to have an awful painful surgery be done to him so his wife can have better sex with him. I am a woman by the way. and challenge any of my facts - I am right. and I would bet my life that extenze doesnt work.

Answer #4

I fucked my wife with my new extenze penis and she loved it…I went from 5 1/2inhes to 6 1/2 inches.It took me about 17 minutes to cum and when I came, it came out in buckets…I also have a permanent smile just like the dude on the commercial.My wifes vagina is big from all the fisting I do to her but she could tell a difference.Length does not matter at all unless you are under 4 inches.Girth is the thing that matters most.Think about it.Extenze increased my girth by an inch which is why my wife can tell a difference.I would recommend taking some acid or mushrooms before sex…The experience will change you forever…For the good!!!

Answer #5

Do yourself a favor and do not consider buying it, save the time and money and go to the vitamin isle of your local drugstore or health store and buy L-ARGININE.

It is a Free-form amino acid that does exactly the same thing.. increases blood flow in the body, and is tolerated by even the most allergic susceptible persons.

I am a Dialysis patient (no kidneys), long time Type-I diabetic and have several heart issues.. and can safely take this to increase my blood flow.

The reason I mention these things is for a few good reasons. 1) being on Dialysis my body becomes toxic.. this does not affect me in this way.

  1. some medicines tend to do bizarre things being diabetic, again.. no effect.
  2. The heart issues keep me from taking things like Viagra.. and this again, does not effect me in this area either.

Do yourself a favor and read up on it via your trusted sources.. about 6 dollars a bottle for me and that is 100 capsules @ 500mg.

Answer #6

Here is the truth about extenze! Extenze does not work! It is a scam! Period!. It is also a physiological ploy to exploit your insecurities and make the sellers rich and richer. The truth of the matter is that, some men have big penises and others have small penises. For women others have big vagina’s, while others have small ones. If you find a woman with a large vagina, your penis instantly will be be small and vice versa. Vagina’s are not small things. make no mistake, they are big! cause they got to deliver babies. A 70 pound woman is very capable of delivering an 8 pound baby with ease. That is over 10% of her body weight. while a 200 pound woman may not be able to accomodate this feat. You get my point? So it does not matter how large your penis can be. The vagina in most cases with some lubrication will be able to accommodate it. Have you men heard about vagina size reduction surgery? That is because for some women, their vagina’s are simply very big. Sex was created for procreation not enjoyment. So a 3 inch penis that can ejaculate healthy sperms, should be able to procreate. That means that it does the job, that nature intended it to do. It is human’s obsession to turn sex into a past time or an art, that raises inadequacies about a man’s penis size. Guys, because a vagina is supposed to be elastic, you can meet a big virgin vagina, and still your penis will be small. An average woman’s vagina can accommodate a 9 inch penis with comfort. While an average man’s penis length is 5 to 6 inches. So you do the math. An average man is already 3 inches inadequate, right from the onset. So even if extenze where to work, I doubt that they could give you three inches in penis length. So men, puck up and remember that the woman who thinks your 6 inch penis is small, she indeed needs to go and have her vagina reduced not you to have your penis increased. I can assure that the owners of extenze do not have 9 inch penises. They ought to quit with their scams. My name is alan, I am a veterinarian, I love dogs but have you ever wondered how male dogs get stuck to the female dog during sex? could it be that female dogs have small vagina’s? to find the answer as to why dogs get stuck, you can chat with me directly at

Answer #7

A note on the stones. It is doubtful that the extenze had anything to do with that as it takes a while for stones to form. THe most common cause of stones is a high calcium level in the blood. HAVE IT CHECKED. If you had high calcium your doctor SHOULD have checked your PARATHYROID level. Not thyroid, but Parathyroid. If you have both high calcium and elevated parathyroid it is about 100% that you have a parathyroid tumor. MOST DOCTORS WILL MISS THIS. DEMAND a test. If you do have elevated levels of calcium and parathyroid, before you do anything go to I do not know why, but way too many doctors do not know what the heck they are doing when it comes to parathyroid disease.

Now as far as the extenze. It worked for me. I went from about 51?2 to over 73/4 in two months. the width also increased by just over an inch.

That was the good news. The bad news is that I was more impressed than my wife. She said it was fine before, but admits that it is not a bad thing. She did say that my ejaculations are much better now.

I used it in conjuction with penis exercises which I think had a lot to do with the results..

Answer #8

You guys are stupid if you have a small penis you don’t need neither extenze nor vagina reconstruction for you girl just eat her vagina really well. I am a girl. My boyfriend is 7inches my ex was 9 I love the 7 better because he has a mean stroke. And my cousin used extenze it did not work 4 him so I told him to go oral now the girl is crazy about him

Answer #9

Uhhh. Yes there is vagina reduction surger. OB/GYNs do it all the time. I am fairly large, but ould not stay in my wife. Any thrust and out it came. The OBG/YN said she put three fingers there during surgery, cut it right down the middle, took out a slide and sewed her back up. Now she is sooo tight and sooo amazing.

Answer #10

Im taking extenze right now. I’ve done research on it and its 50/50 when it comes down to reviews. I’ve know people that said it worked for them and then I’ve talked to others that said it didnt work for them so im going to see for my self. then I will let everybody know.

Answer #11

WELL YOU ALL SOUND LIKE SOME WISE DUMMIES but id say most of you are correct its mostly water and some vitamins the diabetic is also right but becareful just throwing into your self and should know that with the conditions you have the vet guys right but dude ya seem a lil creepy good luck with your quest for a bigger penis or a smaller va jj but I got a different approach all the bigg v jj women date the big dudes and so on do it till you find the one ya fit in amen and good night

Answer #12

I tried extenze and had great results. I went from 11.5 inches to 29. Then I got an erection and the blood vessels in my penis burst and I died. My wife loves it.

Answer #13

I actually tried it and it worked. A little bit. I found better results when I did an exercise with it. my brother told me about this one company kptisolutions that I tried and that thing worked fast. they had a couple of programs and the one I went with made my grow unbelievably fast.. I kid you not, when I say I grew from 5.5 inches to 7.1 inches in 4to5 months. I think they all work, it just depends on what you do with it. thats why I liked that company because they provide guidance every step of the way.

Answer #14

I just tried Extenze for the first time, I’ve only have taken it for about a week. I thought I was getting bigger but not really. I Just had sex with my wife and after I came, my penis did not get hard again for a cool minute,this never happen before. Before I start taking Extenze, I lasted longer and I stayed harder for a longer period of time. Please GUYS, this is not what you won’t, do not buy this product it is not going to make you last longer at all.
I’m going to stop taking it, and hope that I return back to normal. I can not express how much I wish I had never taken Extenze. do not buy this product, their just full of shit, take it from me do not buy Extenze you will not stay hard for a long period of time.

Answer #15

no. they take advantage of a five month buy in. first you get suckered in on the ads, and a 10 day free trial. the free trial is bogus, it means nothing. you are asked to allow the product to do it’s job in five months, and your account is automatically debited for about $50 per month. you take the product, nothing actually changes, then you stop. the last product gets sent back and its really hard to get a refund as they have kept making withdrawals from your account. you cut off your card at the bank, and that’s not enough as you need to send them a message to make it clear to stop. you need to have your bank tell them. since you are too embarrassed to ask for your money back, you end up sadder yet wiser. I tried this product and it doesn’t work. these people are taking advantage and now, as they run out of foolish men, they are trying to sell to foolish women. don’t waste your money.

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