Is a good/real company?

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I've been checking out some reviews on this. As far as I can see, there are a lot of bad ones. A lot of people are complaining about hidden fees, though being told things would be free. There's also been complaints of rude phone operators when the people have contacted them for their money back. In one case someone mentioned the site was stealing content from other sites to make theirs look better? I'd be cautious..

I've never tried it myself, but I'd highly suggest researching them and finding more reviews on their company before investing any time or money in it.

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Yeah, THey are super rude. They are unhelpful and they will just keep transfering your call or giving you other numbers to call. They do ask for a lot of money over all, here and there. Its not really all its cracked out to be.

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they are pretty real, but they are also about demographics so do not feel offended if you dont get the 50 auditions you apply or interest yourself in.

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