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I have a question. Can I be pregnant if me and my boyfriend used an exp. condom (exp by a few months) and he doesn't come and the condom doesn't break. what do you say? Do you think I'm pregnant?

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Exp. date on a condom has more to do with it's likelihood of falling apart. (It's not like food that will go bad and harm you.) And it's exposure to improper storage.
Improper storage will most likely to cause the rubber to break.
Since it didn't, you should be fine. (However, Captainassassin is right that there is always a very small possibility - about 3% with condoms)

However, get some newer condoms. It's not worth the risk of having them fall apart, right?
It seems like every store in the country has them. Get name brand only. If you and your boyfriend can't afford them, go to Planned Parenthood.
If the two of you are old enough to have sex, and mature enough to use protection, you should be able to handle getting new condoms.
You (the girl) might also consider BC pills.They give even greater protection against pregnancy (99.9% vs 97%) - but NO protection against STIs.

Good Luck!!

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OK sex ed isnt that hard...u must have sperm to get pregnant, therefore your post says he didnt come...so sperm didnt meet egg...so no conception occured...of course unless his precum had some and it somehow ate its way through the rubber...chances are your not pregnant...wanna avoid this situation...use a condom thats reliable

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