Why where you excited to graduate from elementary school to high school?

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I was initially excited because I hoped the people would be more mature and the work would be a challenge. The people ended up being the same people I went to elementary school with and I ended up not liking high school much because I was teased and not treated well.

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it is arcade game.
you pass one level, now you have to solve anther level.
It is only that you can't start game from beginninig and you don't have five lives.
This is the REALITY GAME.

last year of high school?!

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well for me it was exciting because i was getting out of the school i was at my entire life and i was getting annoyed that like every teacher knew me. and i wasnt like a suck up to them either i was just in that school for so long. so when i was done with 8th grade they had like a ceremony for it, i didnt go but i shouldve i received alot of awards haha apparently i was like in the top 5 of my class there haha. but i didnt care i wanted out of there. went to hs i loved it. haha now i miss it

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