What level does dragonair evolve?

what level dose dragonair evolve into dragonite firered

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lv 55 you still can learn outrage and hyper beam it just takes longer dragair learn outrage at 56 and hpyer beam at 65 dregonnite learn outrage at 61 and hyper beam at 75 if you wait to evolve dtragonair you will not be able to learn wing attack o thats at lv 55 it learns

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how do I get to mirage island on pokemon sapphire

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lol Dragonair turns into Dragonite at lvl 55, if you want it to learn outrage and hyper beam sooner you should wait till lvl 65 then evolve it ^^ tho it is up to you lol

i have a lvl 80 some dragonair and a few lvl 100 charizard and things so i kinda know about pokemon ^^
also i have the book :p
have fun playing lol

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dragonair evovles at lv.55

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lvl 55

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56. I like to evolve my Pokemon as soon as I can. don't listen to that dooshbag telling you to buy Hyper beam. It'll be a waste of money especially when (Dragonair, Dragonight) learn it. For Rlacey mirage island amperes when your Pokemon's ID number matches the random number from mirage island's.

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This shows all the pokemons evolutions (what level they evolve), and all of the different moves they learn at what levels.

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lvl 55 is when dragon air evolves so enjoy a dragonite personaly I prefer the blue color it has as dragonair oh ya mine knows draco meteor =P

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chew...wan evolve faster also can de...just let dragonite learn wing attack(lv55),then outrage(lv56 learn) and then go celadon city buy hyper beam lorr...

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He evolves the instant you get layed.

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