Ever wonder why there isnt a division sign on a keyboard

Hahha this is one to sure baffle somebodys mind!
LMAO but seriously, ever wonder why there isnt oneon there?

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The division sign of a dash with dots above and below "÷" is generally not used outside of elementary mathematics so for most computer users it isn't needed. There are a limited number of keys on the keyboard so infrequently used symbols have to be left off.

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Forward slash is a division symbol. ( 12 / 3 = 4 )

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Ohhh, I just took a math test and I didnt like the fact that the math teacher had to put her own division signs...But I guess you could always use alt codes to do the trick!! LMAO

But thanks for answering my question!!!

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Thank you Nerd! Numerator divided by the denominator.

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÷...Aaaha!!! I found it!!!

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yes I have thought about that. why isnt there? there should be one because you never know when you need one

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Don't feel bad. I'm a nerd... I know these things.

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