What are the estimated gas prices for 2015?

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My estimation is around 3-4 dollars (in Australia).

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Really.. In the U.S they say $5.00
It's only 2011 and here.. we are at about $3.20

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Is it? The estimated price is 10-15 dollars a gallon, so with the calculation is about 3-4 dollars per litre.

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Is it? The estimated price is 10-15 dollars a gallon, so with the calculation is about 3-4 dollars per litre.

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3.20 for how much ?
its like 112.4($1.12) per liter in canada right now. so ya i dont think it will go up THAT much. maybe a dollar. or two

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Well in 2009.. it was only at about $2.20

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In Germany they are 150 cents (€ currency) per LITER, right now. I remember we paid 74 cents (€ currency) per liter in January 2002 when they changed from Deutsche Mark currency to Euro currency.

That is an increase of somewhat less than 8.5 cents per liter every year. So we will possibly pay 184 cents of € per liter in 2015. Expecting prices to increase at the same rate.

For the US-People here: Current dollar-euro course is 1€=1,422$.
So just fyi, we pay 2,13$ per liter at the moment which is 8,26$ per gallon.

So don't whine about gas prices. Build & buy cars that use less gasoline. Even if they look like ridiculously tiny European cars. ;-P

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in the US depending on location, it is roughly $3-4 per gallon.

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I think 4-6 dollars a gallon considering how fast it seems to be going up. Oh.. I remember the good old days when 1.95 was WAY to much.

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omg, that will be hell,

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6 $ per gallon is still cheap compared to current European prices. We pay about 8$ per gallon right now. Rising fast. :-(

Dunno why. But you pay half of what we pay even though it's the same oil. And even though we have shorter distances to the mid-east mineral oil fields. So it can't be transport. I think the mineral oil taxes / ecology taxes may be higher over here.

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We're building them, and people are buying them, and European vehicles as well. http://funadvice.com/r/14vu17qparh .

The guzzlers are still around, and will be for awhile, unfortunately. But there's less of them.

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I'm feeling a world wide depression coming on : /

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Yeah, only very rich people can afford driving thirsty cars over here. I think we'll have more people using public transport here. And less car owners. There's already many people in larger towns who don't own cars at all. But you can't really do that in rural areas. Even though rural areas in Germany still have denser population than some US-Suburbs.

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Over here a lot of poor people still have guzzlers becasuse they can't afford to get rid of them and buy the newer vehicles. Don't get me wrong, we still have the lot that love their big ol' monsters. They won't give'm up until Detroit discontinues them completely. I think that's coming. It would be insane not to.

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In Europe its already up to 10 dollars, so who knows for Americans. Doesnt sound cool though.

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somewhere around 5 or 6 unless the economy somehow gets better because here in Florida the prices seriously go up about $0.10 every week and sometimes even more they do drop a little bit sometimes due to competition across the intersection but yea i mean just a couple of years ago it was $5 dollars so just because it might go up in the future doesn't mean it can't go down after it because it obviously did here

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Well its not cheep to us.. -____-

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