Reason why Ronnie Radke from Escape the Fate quit the band?

can anyone tell me the real reason why Ronnie Radke from Escape the Fate quit the band?! PLEASE!!!

Answer #1

what s a v v why said about sums it up but I heard it was three years probation and a 5 grand fine. yeah max is ugly.

Answer #2

Ronnie got 5 years probation max is the original and current bassist and screamer not singer Craig Mabbit formally of BlessTheFall is ETF new singer and if Ronnie really wanted to stay with ETF he could of because he is in the band which would count as a full time job and when your on probation you can only leave the state if you have afull time job so its Ronnie’s fault not max

Answer #3

he was kicked out for drugs he got 5 years probation for that and he got charges for a gun fight

Answer #4

he did not quit, he was kicked out.

Answer #5

It was Ronnie’s fault okay, I love them all but unless any of you was there you cant say if Ronnie’s innocent or not.. it wasn’t because Ronnie is in jail that he was kicked out he was kicked out because of the drugs he did… and he wasnt showing up to practises so all of you stfu!!!

Answer #6

ronnie didnt quit. he got kicked out because of his drug use.

Answer #7

I dont care what all of you say max is hot…and to me it sounds like its not even ronnie fault. you people need to get a life. stop posting comments on here if you dont know there true. it makes ronnie AND max both look like idiots

Answer #8

seriously you people need 2 get a lyf ronnie radke was kicked out of the band because of his drug problem and he was acused of a murder that he did not even commit. He was only trying to do the right thing by his friend and if you fuckers cant understand that then get your own lives.

max and ronnie were like brothers and stuck by each other, they were homeless together and if they can get through that then they can get through this

craig mabbitt is from bless the fall and the word alive but when ronnie got kicked out of the band they heard the he was kicked out of bless the fall they asked craig to be the singer of etf

I think bringing craig in to be the singer is one of the best decisions the band made

mind you ronnie is hott but dont belong in the band…


Answer #9

okkk. since none of yu can get the story right. here I go. ronnie radke and max green were bestfriends and stuff for nine years. they started the band. max - bass. ronnie- vocals. blah blah blah. max got in a fight with his and ronnie’s former friend Marcell Colquitt. ronnie stuck up for him but at first refused to fight him. after they started saying stuff ronnie agreed and and they were gunna fite in a dessert(sp?). max wasnt in it. after they got there they all brought stuff (bats, brassknuckles, and atleast one gun.) Marcell brought 12 people and ronnie brought 4. after the fight started marcells side brought out a gun. someone on ronnie’s side grabbed the gun. and they fought over it. when they were fighting the gun went off. and it shot someone on marcell’s side, michael cook. he died. the charges on the guy who shot him were dropped because it was in self defense. ronnie pleaded guilty. and he was put on probation. he had to go rehab for suspitions he had a drug problem. and he had to pay a fine to the mother of the victim. after he got out of rehab. marcell commited suicide. ronnie was clean for a while. he got drugs max set him up with. someone called him after the police tapped his phone and he asked them for drugs. and he was arrested for probation violation. they charged him with some made up shit. like they charged him with parole violation instead of probation violation. he went to jail. he gets out january 23rd. he had his hearing on dec 15.

Answer #10

Sorry but most of the peoples answer on this are wrong, here’s the ral story:

Ronnie Radke and Max Green were best friends since high school, so when Max got threatened, Ronnie went to fight for him.

Ronnie brought 4 guys to fight with him (Max didn’t go), and the other guy brought about 8 other guys.

One of Ronnie’s guys brought a gun and shot a boy of the other side so the kids mom pressed charges on RONNIE who didn’t even shoot the guy.

In other words Ronnie was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ronnie got 5 years probation so he couldn’t tour with his band Escape The Fate and so Max Green had to kick him out and get a replacement for him.

Craig Mabbit was the replacement and in my opinion sings really good too. Ronnie should be getting out of jail in February of 2010.

Ronnie and Max are currently not friends because Ronnie thinks he is a backstabber and that Max should be in jail with him, I don’t understand why but I’m sure Ronnie has his reasons and we the fans or just curious ones will never fully understand this situation because the only ones that’s truly know what happened are Max and Ronnie and everyone who was really involved.

But this was the basic information that Ronnie and Max have released to the public.

Answer #11

Ronnie got kicked out of the band b/c he has run-ins with the law. ya see Ronnie’s friend shot someone (thus killing them when they got in a fight with other people. But Ronnie was the one that started the fight so he had to take some responsibility. He was going to plead guilty with his friend that actually shot the kid in the fight. but his friend committed suicide be4 the trial so he had to plead guilty on his own. Now he’s on 5 year probation. And he also just recently jumped parole so he’s in jail right now somewhere in Nevada. So in other words nothing happened to Max. Now they got a new lead singer (Craig Mabbit from BlessTheFall) And now craig isn’t in BTf anymore. he also started a new band called TheWordAlive. it get’s all confusing with the different people and bands but w/e. I hope I set everything straight for you.

Answer #12

wait what the hell??!? who is max green?!?…isnt the singer who replaced ronnie craig mabbit???!?!?

Answer #13

ronnie was kicked out

He is in prison in nevada and Craig Mabbitts from Bless The Fall is the new singer

Ronnie has a new band and will continue making music when he gets out


Answer #14

Alright so im pretty sure everyone is straight on the story of why he got kicked out. and what not. so yeah. His new band is called Falling In Reverse. When he is released in december the band will be releasing an album called From Behind These Walls.

Answer #15

ronnie radke quit the band because of craig max and the rest of the bad betrayed him and sended him to jail for and reasson thats why he quit the band because they were backstabers

Answer #16

oh hes gone get ovawit it he did drugs and got caught

Answer #17

I agree with Jessica777 all the way.

Answer #18

He didnt quit the band Max Green kicked him out. Even though he had no right to because Ronnie formed the band with Max, but Max decided to get rid of ronnie because of his drug addiction. Then shortly after ronnie went to jail for murded even though hes not the one who did anything it was his friend, for him being there he got blaimed. Ronnie could no longer be in the band obviously, so now he has a new band Falling In Reverse.

Answer #19

max is actually the bassist and screamer of etf him and ronnie were born together they were homeless together they were like brothers no one could seperate them but then max and ronnie started taking drugs and shite like that ronnie went to rehab after that max gave him drugs again ronnie got probation and max quit drugs btw max isnt ugly all the girls I know love him! ronnie couldnt leave nevada so his band couldnt tour omar espinosa quit the band people think its because of ronnies drug taking but its because max punched him in the face there was also a fight this dude challenged ronnie and max because he stole maxes old girlfrend they didnt want to fight but then the dudes started calling them gay saying theyre pussies and stuff like that like I said ronnie always acted like a big brother to max so he went to fight ronnie only took 4 people with him the other dude took twelve they (the dudes who had 12 people) had guns they shot but marcel (ronnies friend) turned the gun away from himself aiming the bullet at 18 year old micheal cook killing him marcel later commit suicide feeling bad for micheal ronnie was left at the scene poor ronnie! ronnie hid at a frends house and on the news they had a search report on him it said he violated his parole but he didnt he violated his probation he went to jail he comes out in december or february thank god!

Answer #20

He didn’t quit, he was kicked out. And I’ve noticed people messing stuff up with what really happened here, so if you or someone reading this wants the REAL truth about what went on, funmail me. I’d be happy to send you the TRUTH and yes, my story IS correct. Why? because I talk to him and Nason. Nason is a good friend of Ronnie’s who will be in his new band because I’m honestly sick and tired of people talking about Ronnie like he’s a big bad killer when he’s NOT. HE didn’t kill ANYONE. Chase Radder was the one who shot a killed Micheal Cook. All murder charges were dropped because Chase apparently had a legit case of self defense. Ronnie was arrested June 15, 2008 for a PROBATION violation, NOT a parole violation like the media and other people have said. There’s a huge difference between proabation and parole. Ronnie’s experation date is in December of 2009, but there’s a REALLY good chance he’ll be out long before then. Please funmail me if you have any other questions and I’ll clear things up for you.

Answer #21

I’ve only seen like 2 answers on here that are ok - a7x and jessica777

Answer #22

he didnt quite he got forced to leave the band after he got charged for battery to do with a brawl involving guns witch left sum lad dead… the other reasons he got kiked out was his drug and alchohol abuse problems and there you go if you wna no more just type his name the escape the fate into google and you will find loads of info any way I hope I helped

Answer #23


Answer #24

He didn’t qiut he got kicked out because he was on drugs and is now in jail and getting the help he needs. I was really sad when I heard this cause he was my favorite not that I don’t like the new guy itz just something about the old singers vioce was so catchey how at the end of most words he did that thing with his throat but the new guy in the flood song I love at the end of the first part when he says the flood I think that is just sooo hot… but that’s not on topic so yeah now you know why he ISN’T in the band anymore How sad…

            (I CAN'T GET OVER IT)
Answer #25

He didn’t quit. He was an accesery to a murder. There was a fight, And Ronnie’s friend shot the man he was in a fight with, it wasn’t Ronnie’s fault, but he was in jail and when he got out he started a new band called Behind These Walls

Answer #26

Uhm that story was half right. Ronnie Radke WAS caught in a fight, the kid did get shot, But there was also Max Green who was ALREADY involved in ETF. He is the bassist and side vocals. Ronnie was charged with homicide and he also failed a drug test. Max Green also was involved with the scenario but wasnt pressed charges on because he wasnt within reaching distance of the gun. Ronnie is in for 5 years of probation. But he got out yesterday. Ronnie was replaced by Craig Mabbitt. Max Green and Ronnie Radke were best friends of 9 years. No, because supposedly according to Ronnie and others, Max betrayed him.

I think they’re both pretty awesome. But Craig needs to get the hell out of ETF. Ronnie should go back, there wasnt any fighting when Ronnie was there. Now Ronnie has a new band. There only song right now is, “Listen Up”.

He might go back to ETF. No one knows whats going to happen.

Answer #27

Ronnie is getting out in December and the guy who shot the 18 year old kid wasn’t guilty cause it was self defence. Isn’t TheWordAlive allready a band? Besides I don’t really think Ronnie would publish that since people can just steal then name since he’s in Jail anyways. Anyways Ronnie got kicked out cause Max kicked him out Cause the other 2 band members wanted to leave(Probably cause of Ronnie’s drug abuse).I think that sums everything up.O and Ronnie is found guilty of battery. Oh and it was actually 4 years not 5 but who cares he gets out in December.

That’s about it..Correct me if im wrong^^

Answer #28

savvy, knows nothing. the new singer is craig mabbit, if she were smart. ronnie was at a fight that was caused by max green. max green got himself in trouble and ronnie was like his big brother, so ronnie tried to help him get out of it. they were outnumbered at the fight and someone came towards them with a gun, so someone on ronnie’s side NOT RONNIE OR MAX pulled out a gun, and shot the other. the guy who shot the other guy committed suicide so ronnie had to plead guilty and got 5 years probation.

Answer #29

“wait what the hell??!? who is max green?!?…isnt the singer who replaced ronnie craig mabbit???!?!?”

Are you serious?! Get with the program! lol Max Green is Escape The Fate’s bassist. He has been since the start. The guy who took over after Ronnie left is Craig Mabbitt who was formerly Blessthefall’s lead singer.

I also agree with katiebug1231 - I hate when people try to act like they know everything when they know nothing. People need to shut it unless they know the actual truth. Oh and I also agree with her for saying Max is hot haha

Answer #30

Heres the story short and sweet: Hott good singer Ronnie was in the wrong place at the wrong time, during a fight… with guns. One boy named Michael got shot, and the kids stupid mother pressed charges on Ronnie Radke, who chances are, didnt even shoot him. He has 5 years of probation and therefor cannot tour with E.T.F. The band had to hire a friend Max Green to fill in lead vocalist.

Me and my friends are totally having a WE WANT RONNIE BACK campaign because Max Green is so ugly and sings bad!

Answer #31

ok first max is hot second craig mabitt or how ever you spell it is the singer and max green is the bass player !! gosh I <3 max he is cute and so was ronnie I miss him :) ok there buh bye:)

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