Whats some good examples of entrepreneurs?

Whats some good examples of entrepreneurs?


Answer #1

Heres a list of some very familiar famous entrepreneurs:

  Alvin Ailey-                                Dance  
  Mary Kay Ash-                         Cosmetics
  PT Barnum-                            Entertainment
  Warren Bechtel-                        Construction   
  Jeff Bezos-                          Internet (Amazon)   
  Michael Bloomberg-              Financial Information   
  Richard Branson-                       Several (Virgin)
  Andrew Carnegie-                     Steel (US Steel)   
  Steve Case-                               Internet (America Online)  
  Jim Clark-                                  Internet (Netscape)  
  Michael Dell-                             Computers (Dell Computer)  
  Walt Disney-                              (Entertainment)
  Larry Ellison-                             Software (Oracle)  
  Debbi Fields-                             Cookies (Mrs Fields)  
  Donald and Doris Fisher-           Clothing (Gap Inc)  
  Ernest & Julio Gallo-                  Wine  
  Bill Gates-                                  Software (Microsoft)  
  A P Giannini-                           Banking (Bank of America)  
  Walt Goodridge-                         Writer  
  Leo Goodwin-                           Insurance (GEICO)  
  Barry Gordy-                             Music (Motown Records)  
  Joyce Hall-                                Greeting Cards (Hallmark)  
  William Randolph Hearst-          Publishing (Hearst Newspapers)  
  Richard A Henson-                   Airlines  
  Fernando Hernandez-                  AT&T  
  Milton Hershey-             Chocolate  
  James J Hill-                             Railroads (Great Northern Railway)  
  Wayne Huizenga-                       Sanitation (Waste Management)  
  Steve Jobs-                                Computers (Apple)  
  Robert L Johnson-                    Broadcasting (BET)  
  John Johnson-                            Publishing (Ebony)  
  Henry J Kaiser-                        Health Care (Kaiser Permanente)  
  Herb Kelleher-                           Airlines (Southwest)  
  Ray Kroc-                                 Fast Food (McDonald’s)  
  Estee Lauder-                            Cosmetics  
  William Levitt-                           Housing  
  Henry Luce-                              Publishing (Time/Life)  
  J W Marriott-                          Hospitality  
  Louis B Mayer-                        Entertainment (MGM)  
  William McGowan-                    Telecommunications (MCI)  
  Scott McNealy-             Computers (Sun Microsystems)  
  Judi Sheppard Missett-              Fitness (Jazzercise)  
  Gordon Moore-                         Electronics (Intel)  
  Andrew Morrison-                      Web Publishing  
  Rupert Murdoch-                       Media  
  Pierre Omidyar-             Internet (Ebay)  
  David Packard-                         Electronics (Hewlett-Packard)  
  William S Paley-                       Broadcasting (CBS)  
  Ross Perot-                               Data Management (Electronic Data Systems)  
  Jay Pritzker-                              Hospitality (Hyatt)  
  Ralph Roberts-                          Cable TV (Comcast)  
  John D Rockefeller-                  Oil (Standard Oil)        Carlos Santana  
  David Sarnoff-                           Broadcasting (NBC)         
  Howard Schultz-                        Coffee (Starbucks)  
  Charles Schwab-                       Discount Brokerage         
  Richard W Sears-                     Mail Order (Sears-Roebuck)  
  Russell Simmons-                       Music (Def Jam Records)  
  Fred Smith-                               Shipping (Federal Express)  
  Charles C Spaulding-                Insurance  
  Gloria Steinem-              Publishing (Ms)  
  Martha Stewart-                        Multimedia  
  Dave Thomas-                           Fast Food (Wendy’s)  
  Donald Trump-                          Real Estate  
  Ted Turner-                               Broadcasting (CNN)  
  Madam C J Walker-                Hair Care  
  Sam Walton-                             Discount Retail (Wal-Mart)  
  Thomas Watson, Sr-                 Computing (IBM)  
  Oprah Winfrey- Entertainment 

There are quite a few good ones to choose from. If you want to learn more about any of them just go to http://www.wikipedia.org/ and type in their name and you can read a lot about them.

Answer #2

Anita Roddick from Britain who started up the Body Shop skin & hair care stores worldwide.

Answer #3

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