How should I start my vampire story for English?

ok so our english teacher forgot to tell us about an assignment and now she says its due in on monday and I have no clue what to do! Its about vampires and you have to write a short story about vampires and include their traites and things they do the thing is I was away from school 2day and I dont no how to start the story its supposed to be about a vampire so the beggining has to start really good and interesting! does anyone have any good ideas on how to start off my story?

Answer #1

The wind is freezing against my shaking body. I feel a presence. Like something is lurching in the shadows. Why am I in the cemetery again? I think to myself. Oh right, I was dared by my friends. I hear something faint behind a tombstone. I creep over to it. I was doing so well…but a twig snapped under me. Something stirred behind the grave. I hold my place. But it’s too late, he saw me. His long black hair falls over his eyes, covering the bright red I saw faintly. He is very tall. He starts to smile. That’s when I see his stained, white teeth, against his pale white skin. He stands there motionless. But before I know it, I’m on the ground, wondering why the hell I came here in the first place… Now you finish :)

Answer #2

Here’s a good article about vampires. You could use it as a template for your essay.

Answer #3

Nothing moved, nothing made a sound… It was full moon, the soft grey clouds passing over it making shadows. Tonight.. something was going to happen, I could feel it. Something beautiful yet a disaster. Suddenly the wind picked up, I could hear flapping… oh my god.. vampires?

Yes it was, slim tall creatures with sharp claws and fangs, deadly fangs that can sink into your skin and suck all the blood from a mortal creature; mortal creatures being us!

Use that as a starter? Use good use of describing words, different english techniques such as triples, alliteration, oxymorons etc

Answer #4

I know you already handed it in, unless you are reaaally procrastinating. lol. But I’m bored…

The cold night rain trailed down her pale cheeks, creating the effect of the tears she so desperately wished she had the ability to release. Raven-colored strands of hair hung limply down her back, plastered to her skin as the light drizzle turned suddenly into a downpour. Ice-blue eyes stared into the depths of golden-brown, simply waiting. The last remnants of scarlet faded away from the edges of the iris of her own empty gaze, but it seemed to have fled to the body lying prone on the ground at her feet. Slowly, as if torturing her with the knowledge of what she’d done, the blood-red color of Thirst overtook the lovely golden-brown eyes of the young boy. One of her elegant, pale hands came up to touch her lips. They were still covered in the blood she had taken. A sound of pained grunting brought her attention back to the ground. The boy had awakened. His appearance, however, had altered. Now, stark-white hair and a red-hued gaze stared back at her. He bowed his head and spoke a single word. That single word which sealed the fate she had foolishly walked into. A fate she had purposefully been avoiding all these centuries. “Mistress.”

Answer #5

A single tear ran down my cheek. At that moment the lamp at the side of the church was extinguished, a shadow crept behind me…The pressance of evil.

I spun round to face the creature in the darkness. My wild eyes searched frantically in the black graveyard before me. Eventually a figure emerged from behind a tomestone.

Its long black hair, unique against its pale skin and rosy lips, wipped back from its face as a sudden gust of wind blew from behind me. I stumbled backwards, trying to find my balance. A smile formed on the creatures face, revealing two sharp fangs.


I pivoted and tried to run. My legs felt numb beneath me,I ran towards the gate to the road…

(continue from here)

Hope it helps.

Answer #6

i was a dark - rainy night, the trees leaves glissened then a vimpire came over and ate me. The End !!! lol adunno - sorry x

Answer #7

Well there are a lot of vampire stories, most have a bunch of romance or highschool kids which I find somewhat annoying. What I would do is to write real horror. This is an example of something I am currently writing, so please don’t steal it but feel free to use it for ideas.

e.g. In a castle high in the crags of the Carpathian Mountains, a man was being tortured. Staff and guards throughout the entire fortress heard the hellish screams of agony. Chunks of flesh lay strewn about the chamber. “You will tell me where your master is,” screamed the vampire, “sooner or later, you will tell me. I ask you again, the Ancient One, where does he secrete himself?”

 The mutilated man, shackled to both ceiling and floor merely smiled and passed out.  The vampire Vlad Tepes, also known as Dracula, took a deep breath and rose to his full height, an intimidating six feet and nine inches.  “Keep this man alive!” he bellowed to the healer outside the door.
 The terrified cleric entered the chamber and was appalled at the horror before him.  “I shall try my best master,” He managed, “or my life be forfeit.”  It was all he could do not to vomit. 

“Indeed.” The vampire said almost softly, a smile on his gore-covered lips. At the realisation that the scattered meat in the room had been bitten out of this poor wretch’s living body, the doctor proceeded to heave up the contents of his stomach. And Dracula left laughing, black robes seeming to cloak the vampire in some unnatural shadow.

 The healer, having distributed his last meal onto the chamber floor, turned his attention to the shackled, bloody mess.  The wounds were horrible.  The man came to at the healer’s touch.  He shrieked at his waking pain, coughed up pink, frothy blood and died.  “No…  no, oh God no.” whispered the distraught doctor.  And rather than suffer a similar fate or worse, he reached for his medicine case.  Finding the phial he needed, took poison.  With foaming mouth and rigid body, the healer fell dead to the stone floor.
Answer #8

I stood there, the wind wrapping it’s thick coat around me. I saw a glint in the trees. Had I imagined it? The wind blew my long hair into my face. I could feel something was going to happen. I tried to run but I couldn’t. I was glued to the spot. My mouth was so dry that I couldn’t open my mouth to scream. I felt soft velvety material brush against me. I swang around then I saw a tall man. His red lips bright against his pale face. Black hair hung in front of his green eyes. He smiled showing a pair of dripping fangs. He grabbed my neck. A streak of pain ran through my body. I fell to the ground then got up, feeling as light as a feather. I was suddenly very hungry. For meat. Human meat. Mortal meat… Carry on from there

Answer #9

I bet you have already handed it in but here goes it was a cold dark day I was sat out side on the stirs leading to the front door the sun came out but then there was a funny shaped shadow in the distance as I got up to go and tell mum is was there in a split second I thought to myself how how could it have got there in that amount of time? well I hope that helps if you haven’t handed it in yet

Answer #10

I now I dont have a starter but can I also use one of these

Answer #11

Im sure you already handed it in… but… It was a cold and stormy night. I was in bed, thinking about the cries and macanic laughter I hear from the abandond house down the road. It has been going on for months now, but I seem to have been the only one to hear. Am I going crazy? Is it all part of my imagination? Or, has the house been inifested with creatures of magical beings that will try to destroy everyone? Only time will tell… (I feel like writing my own story now)

Answer #12

Well, I can give you some information that you can use in your story. Vampires can only be killed by sticking a stake (wood) into their hearts, deheading them or being in direct sunlight. It is said in some places that vampires have the ability to seduce the people they are with. The first, supposed, vampire was a Romanian prince named Vladimir Tepes, his father Vlad Dracul. Vlad Tepes was a feirce leader and impaled (people are placed on long sticks and the weight of their bodies make them slide down the pole) alot of people in his days. He enjoyed the blood of people and placed the people he impaled as an example on the sides of walkways. You can find more on: - 1k
or just search Vlad Tepes. Good Luck, hope I helped. ~Alanna

Answer #13

I suppose it depends on if- okay let’s say Bob is the main character. do you want him to be the vampire or Marie, the woman he falls in love with.

if its in first person, decide if you want “I” to be the vampire or someone “I” meets

Answer #14

As I sit on the cold…damp ground the wind picks up making my long black hair sway. I close my eyes allowing the wind to wrap around my body. I start to shiver, but I ignore the shiver running down my spine. I wrap my arms around me slowly as the wind becomes more intense. I close my eyes trying to ignore the coldness, but— “ Delicious.” I jump…I stand up looking at the pale creature.. FIGURE OUT THE REST…SORRY ABOUT THE GRAMMAR AND SPELLING

Answer #15

it was a late friday night the moon was full I stood there motionless for 5 m9ntus when I heard somthing. My killer instines took over me I jumped back watching for my traget . When suddenly something or somene nded on my back throwing me to the ground. I looked up in to the eyes of my lover vampire curtis ″get off of me curtis . you bog old vampire boy” I amwritting ymy on story like ths lease dony still it but yhu may use it

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