England vs. America

I am an american living in england for quite some time now. I am thinking of moving back home with my children. Is there anyone who has lived in both places who can advise me on issues I may be leaving out in my decision making. I like england but not the weather. My partner’s family lives here and mine is in massachusetts. My children have been going to school in england. I am worried about there transition to american schools.

Answer #1

Well, two issues… aside from the size of the school there may also be a difference in levels. Years and years ago, when we came over to North America, my sister was 14. She went from Second Year in England, to Grade 11… where everyone else was 16. There’s a huge difference between 14 yr olds and 16 yr olds and she took a whole year to get used to it. I don’t know if it’s still like that, but back then the UK schooling system (relating to age) was 2 years ahead.

We had also both attended girls schools and wore uniforms in the UK. It was pretty strange to adjust to wearing jeans to school and eeek, having to suddenly deal with boys. The first year here was very difficult indeed, but we got through it, and this is home now. Would I go back? Probably not. There is a subtle freedom here from “class” … in that it doesn’t matter what your parents do for a living, you can be or do anything you want, and it’s fully encouraged.

Don’t hesiste to fun mail me… there’s more I could say, if you’re interested!

Answer #2

There are quality schools in America where they’ll get a good education - research…Take care !!

Answer #3

Hello, I am the person who asked the question. Thanks for the replies. I appreciate a Christian viewpoint. I am worried about my husband adapting to American life as well. I know how hard it was to adjust to living in England and missing family is horrendous. Especially since I just lost my mom. My girls are 6 and 13 years old. I am more concerned about the 13 year old adjusting to the bigger schools over there. They are relatively small here.

Answer #4

The biggest difference your children may notice, is the lack of formality in American schools. The differences I personally found, were, in North America students tended to be a little more outspoken, teachers are more willing to listen. The level of shyness in the USA seems lower too… lol. And your kids will get lots of attention because of their accents. I think it will be really educational for them. How old are they?

Answer #5

Have you seen the Michael Mooer movie Sicko? You might want to consider the superior healthcare system in England.

Answer #6

Hey… I got your email, typed out a very long answer to you, hit send and it said the message couldn’t be found. Went back to my inbox to get your email and it had vanished. Can you send again?

Answer #7

Hi, I think if I had to be honest I wolud stay in good old england simply because your childeran will hate being away from home and america dosnt have the helth care we do, I am thinking bout your kids xx I wolud stay

Answer #8

Well America is not good for you and for your children education better stay in england.

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