Does anybody like the New England Patriots?

Answer #1

I live right by them but I love the Colts :)

Answer #2

Ohh screw u!!hahaha! Well i hope you don’t like the Cowboys!!Well the patriots kick the Colts butt anyway…hehe

Answer #3

I understand that their mothers love them, ….. . . . . . . . . . . . . even if nobody else does. . .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. . [ a died-in-the-wool Manchester United Patriot ] .

Answer #4

My mom, and she doesnt even know the QB.

Answer #5

Oh haha sarcastic hehe!Well they are the best!

Answer #6

they better than the Redskins ;)

Answer #7

YOU KNOW WHAT?!??!?!?!?!?!

Answer #8

Hahaha! Kidding, bro!!Well how well did the redskins do this season?

Answer #9

My friend loves Manchester United. He hates arsenal.I don’t watch soccer tho.

Answer #10

Haahha the cowboys are OK but Payton Manning omg i love him :) and patriots sucks Colts are way better.

Answer #11

To be honest, I don’t know a single Patriots fan. I do know a lot of people who hate them, though.

Answer #12

u must be around a lot of losers then :) kidding hehe!

Answer #13

Haha then y did the patriots kick there butts??Hehe:)tom brady is better than peyton manning

Answer #14

No he’s not. hahah

Answer #15

hell ya he is!!hahaha! I hate the colts but I hate the Cowboys more hehe! I find it cool that Peyton Manning also ahs a another brother in the NFL Eli Manning

Answer #16

I cant stand them they are a poor excuse for a team they cheat!!!

Answer #17

your a poor excuse for a human…hehe :P no hard feelings

Answer #18

jes kdidding dude well what is ur fave team??and how do they cheat??

Answer #19

Ohh i know! I think its cool too but I like NASCAR way better than any football team hahah Dale Earnhradt Jr <3

Answer #20

I’m not too big on the Patriots, but Wes Welker is one of my favorite players, that guy is tough!

Answer #21

As for their recievers, Deion Branch, the MAIN weapon of their superbowl rings, is back. Watch out!

Answer #22

As for their recievers, Deion Branch, the MAIN weapon of their superbowl rings, is back. Watch out!

Answer #23

i didnt even press it twice!

Answer #24


Answer #25


Answer #26

they suck a$$

Answer #27

haha k…if that’s wut you think good for you!

Answer #28

my friend Dion loves them; theyre his favorite team. theyre like my second fav team tho

Answer #29

Actually, I believe now that Tom Brady might just be the greatest player ever. He is definetely one to argue though, but he just might be.

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