Which course should i take: engineering or go the creative route?

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creative route i think it'd be more fun, but whatever you end up choosing hope it goes great =)

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You can't rely on strangers to make decisions that affect your life, but you could just ask for advice. In my opinion you should do what ever makes you happy and have the option of having job doing what you like everyday. What kind of engineering are you interested in? I would choose the Engineering because I have always wanted to be a computer engineer. My dad had this idea that technology would never cease to increase to a higher potential and keep growing. So I have thought that computers and modern technology would only get better and the right place to be in modern society has to do with technology.Although, a creative route as you say can include many opportunities like culinary chef or an actual painter, but you have to understand it is a hard living unless you get really famous or something. But hey, thats my opinion. For more actual and for a better response ask your family and friends, since they know you best, they would tell you what career best suits you.

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I do not know who said this quote, but it is very promising, "Find a job that you like, and you will never work a day in your life." It makes sense to me, hopefully, you too. I could be totally wrong, but I think Einstein said that. I might not have put that quote word by word, but it's still has the same meaning.

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Like he said it is your life and you are the one that is going to have to live with your decision.

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It sounds cheesy, but where does your heart say to go? Engineering is one of the highest paying fields right now. The "creative route" is not guaranteed to make you a lot of money (ever heard of a starving artist?), but you could go into a field like advertising and make some more money than a lot of other creative jobs. If you don't feel like working your butt off at college, don't do engineering.

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Can you do both? When I was young I had my heart set on music and even though I was good at math and science in high school I didn't study them is college because I did not want to waste any time or energy on anything but music. Now I really don't think that my music would have suffered if I decided to do both; granted it may have taken longer but I loved both and should have done both.

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