Does coke have electrolytes in it?

Which of these drinks can give you more energy while your playing a sport? Coke, gatorade, redbull or water?

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drinking coke will give you the most energy but for a short period of time then youll have a burnout and youll be sluggish... nothing is better for you than water.

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Before a game I have to have a really strong cup of coffee, it makes me more alert and quicker off the mark and when I am already hydrated before the game it doesnt really make a problem :)

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I feel crazy is right.
but at first you would wanna drink more water then gatorade.
but gatorade does hydrate faster
and it has more electrolytes.
which are good for strenous sports

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I'd go for water or drinks and coke contain caffeine which isn't good for staying hydrated...that being said...after a long harsh excercising session a small glass of coke is good for helping replenish the lost electrolytes...but don't drink it when actually playing sport.

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Well if I was playing a sport I'd only be drinking water or gatorade, gotta stay hydrated. But when it comes to energy drinks it's Monster all the way

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***a small glass of coke is good for helping replenish the lost electrolytes***

Since when does coke contain electrolytes???

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Gatorade. Redbull would give you a surge of energy, but in a short while you would crash.

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Sodium is an electrolyte. Coke is full of sodium.
That being said, I think that gatorade is a better choice for rehydration.

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