Emo telling is it not right?

I decided to be an emo after christmas so I still don’t kinda get it. So one day I was at my school in the drama studio and my friend came up to me and said “Are you an emo?” and I said yes and she said “No your not because you told me you are!” Then she ran off. So what I am saying is to be an emo do I not tell people I’m an emo? Because if thats true that doesn’t make sense!

Answer #1

I also hate emo music by the way, Screamo is a better sound but then again Gothic is more eerie and better. Who cares what your friend says anyways. I really hate emo though :( Sorry

Answer #2

Emo is nothing more than a style of dress and a style of music. Everyone who takes it so seriously - is misunderstood and taking things too far.

It doesn’t matter what your “label” is or if people agree with you - just dress how you want and how it makes you happy. Forget everyone else.

Answer #3

I can be become an emo if I wanna be an emo. So don’t tell me I can’t change. I didn’t change for anybody else. I changed for me.

Answer #4

I started out as a reaaally depressing goth… and gradually became an emo, I’ve always been a mix, but now I’d say I’m a dark emo if you get what I mean

Answer #5

Emo is a music genre. But it is true. The people some people class as “emo” would deny having that label. The ones that say they are are usually just annoying little attention seekers. ;)

Answer #6

Don’t. Tell. Me. What. To. Do!

Answer #7

I agree with xxangelcakexx … and everyone else… “you cant just become emo all of a sudden. Emo is not just music. Its more like a cheap imitation of GOTH hahaha that what mom says all the time, since she’s Goth till this day.

Answer #8

well…yeah you shouldnt one day just wake up and decide to create an identity for yourself it should come naturally

Answer #9

That would be correct But I guess I have to agree with this girl Your not emo if you say you are. You can’t suddenly decide to be emo, Emo is something more than just a quick decision. Its a state of mind. A fashion statement. The kind of music you listen to. I think you need to think about who you are first. Because I think your a little confused. Anyhu, hope everythings well. Kirsty x

Answer #10

You don’t suddenly change to emo. It’s something you are not something you purposely set out to be. If you are normal one day and emo the next people will get the wrong impression of you and you will look to try hard. If your an “emo” it’s obvious no need for explanation. I do not agree with labels though, we are all people.

Answer #11

Alright, here’s the deal dear - you don’t just randomly “decide” or “change” to being emo. That’s what we all call a POSER. a lot of times, emos are misjudged. People judge them by what’s on the outside and don’t even bother to get to know them. That’s bullsh*t. a lot of lies/rumors have been started about them.

THESE are the REAL100% true facts on emos -

There’s nothing wrong with them at all. They’re not all attention seekers, only the posers act like that. They’re not weird, scary, evil or anything like that. A lot of people don’t know the true meaning behind emo as a style. A lot of lies have been started about it such as emos cut/are depressed/are suicidal 24/7. That’s COMPLETELY untrue. Suicide is something that should be taken seriously no matter what and has nothing to do with ANY stereotype. Cutting/self harm is an important matter that needs to be tended to ASAP. It also has nothing to do with any stereotype. Depression is a MEDICAL CONDITION. It has NOTHING to do with stereotypes. a lot of people have depression issues. That’s something that should be taken care of by a doctor.

~As I’ve already stated, cutting/depression/suicide has NOTHING to do with being emo or any other stereotype. Cutting is a serious matter that needs to be handled ASAP. Depression is a MEDICAL CONDITION and a lot of people have it, NOT just emos. That should be treated by a doctor. Suicide is something that should ALWAYS be taken seriously no matter what. It has nothing to do with stereotypes of ANY KIND.

~Bulimia has NOTHING to do with ANY stereotyes either. This is a MEDICAL CONDITION that should be treated by a doctor ASAP.

~Dying your hair doesn’t make you emo. A lot of emos have their natural hair color. Hair color has nothing to do with it at all.

~Attention seeking also has nothing to do with emo. Attention seekers are in a class all by themselves.

~Emo is a music type and also a type of style

~People who say things like “I wanna turn emo”, “Am I an emo?”, “How do I be emo?”, “I think I’m going/turning emo!”, “Help me, I’m emo!” or “Help I think I’m emo” are considered posers. If you have to ask other people how to look/be something, chances are your NOT and just trying to be something your not.

~Ignore the haters. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being emo. Emos are actually nice, friendly people.

~A lot of lies/rumors have been started about emos such as they cut, they’re always depressed, they’re very btchy and moody. This is NOT true. As I’ve already stated, self harm/cutting and depression have nothing to do with ANY stereotype. And you wanna know why some emos might be bthcy? Because they’re sick of the fcktards who act like they know everything about emo, when in reality they don’t know sht because they’re the idiots that believe they lies! That’s very wrong indeed.

~You DON’T HAVE to have piercings to be emo, or be shy. Some emo kids are actually very out-going. Piercings are a form of self expression and body art. It doesn’t make you emo just because you choose to have them.

~Converse isn’t something that makes you emo either. Some emos wear vans, others wear skater shoes.

~Wearing blue, or other funky colored pants… not emo. Sorry, they wear whatever they want. Not ALL are skin tight either. Some are just nromal skinny jeans or even a little loose-fitting.

~Band T’s are also NOT a must. They wear any shirt they want to.

Now THIS is advice for ANYONE to follow, including yourself -

ALWAYS be yourself. NEVER change who you are for ANYONE no matter what. Never change yourself just to fit in or anything like that either. True friends/lovers would be able to accept you for who you truly are.

Answer #12

bullybeater - no… you sound like a POSER. If you were a “reaaally depressing goth” who “gradually became an emo” you’ve went from POSER to MAJOR POSER. Seriously, get your sh*t together. Emos and goths NEITHER ONE are all depressed/sad people who go around hating life and wanting to kill their selves 24/6. Depression is a MEDICAL CONDTION that effects COUNTLESS people world-wide. It’s something that should be treated by a doctor and has NOTHING to do with ANY stereotypes.

Answer #13

A late post but.. don’t cus they’re annoying..

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