How can I be an emo girl?

I honestly think emo people are really cool how can I become emo??? How can I be an emo girl???

Answer #1

That’s dumb. what’s so cool about emo people?

Answer #2

thats sterotyping people who no nothing about emus will say ‘you need to cut your self’ im persanoly nt an emu bt maybe you could try emo chat rooms an wotnot to c wot you could do xx

Answer #3

Look, you can’t just “become emo” becuase you want to. It’s just something that, happens. And if it happens over night, people are going to call you a poser. Believe me. And don’t get the wrong judgment from them. You’ll see a bunch of pretty people on the internet, and you’ll think “oh look how pretty they are. I want to be like them” Well, most of us in this world, aren’t pretty like the ones on google. And don’t stereo type emo’s as “depressed” becuase everyone will hate you if you just act depressed. Emo’s are actually extremely happy people, it’s just the posers that ruin it for everyone. Hence the word “emotional” And dont go thinking just becuase I cut myself, means I’m emo. Whatever you do DO NOT THINK THAT! You WILL get burned! Some of my fellow emo friends don’t cut. They got over it. But they’re still emo’s. They’re probably one of the very few people in this world who actually are emo. And another tip. Don’t go ranting on about you problmes. They’ll pretend to be concerned for a while, and then they’ll drop you as a friend after about two months. Been down poser road in grade seven.. It’s the most miserable I’ve been in my whole life. Everyone pretends to care, but they all hate you. And another thing. If you do cut, Don’t go showing people your wrists. They may ACT concerned, but they seriously aren’t. No one wants to see that. So I’d advise you to keep it to yourself. And also, if you cut, ACTUALY DO IT! Don’t just put a few little scratches on the tip of your wrist. Like seriously, that pisses me, and everyone else off. And if you want to actually be labled as emo (it’s not as great as it seems, being called a fag everywhere you go. It tends to get annoying after a while) You should probably look the part. Which involves really dark hair with a spurge of light color, or the other way around. (if it’s light with splurges of dark, it will look a little scene) And everyone asks this question. Whats the diference between scene and emo? Answer: Emo’s are like this “I love you. If you promise to love me, I’ll give you my heart. But even if you don’t promise, ill give it to you anyway” And scenes are more like this “SUNSHINE, LOLIPOPS AND RAINBOWS EVERYTHING THATS WONDERFULL IS WHAT I FEEL WHEN WE’RE TOGETHER!! And unicorns, and bubbles, and teadybears!!” So no. The difference isn’t emo’s cut themselves, and are depressed” Never believe it, becuase it’s not true. Well, I could go on for hours about this. If you want information, e-mail me at I’d do anything to make this world a less poserish world. I’ll even tell you secrets on how to get you out of shit when your friend find out you’re emo.

Answer #4

if you are really into that stuff go for it and dress like it but the whole self harm thing is stupid and shouldnt be done. its not safe and not looked highly apon.

Answer #5

u know you need to cut your self die your hair red or blond high light go to you tube and go to emo picture ull see

and im emo

Answer #6

Loneangel306, please take my advice:

It’s a bad trend that was stolen by lonely people who wanted to look cool and alienated, so they copied basic goth clothing styles and began b+tching and moaning about their problems to anyone who would hear. You want to be emo? Prepare to become a selfish and idiotic liar about your problems and start wearing skinny jeans with the rest of them.

Answer #7

Self harm is not due to people wanting to be emo. Self harm should be taken seriously as it could be the cause of a mental illness not because they ‘want to be an emo.’

Ilovemycousin, in your question, stating that you are an emo, you just follow along with all the stupid sterotypes don’t you? I bet you cut yourself, say you’re depressed, and listen to all the ‘emo music’ associated with emos. You not not a proper emo, you are a poser following the crowd.

Answer #8

emo kids dont call their self emo because who wants to be labeled you might as well call yourself a poser if people ask you if your emo and you say yes. emo kids are just being theirselves so what I can basically tell you is that look up styles that are similar to “emo” as you call it and make it your own way. and if people walk up to you and ask if your emo dont say you are because that being a total poser -.-“ and the real emo kids hate posers. and F.Y.I you dont need to cut yourself or be depressed or dye your hair and what not its what you like dont live up to emo stereotypic’s like ilovemycousin is that person is a bad example of an emo a poser at that and so not emo >:/ urself.

Answer #9

Alright, first off don’t listen to ilovemycousin. She’s nothing but a poser and DOESN’T know what she’s talking about. And if you have to ask stuff like this your a poser too. Be YOURSELF. Dress as you please, do your hair as you please, etc… Don’t try to be something your not in order to look “cool”. It’s NOT cool to be a poser, it’s cool to be yourself and not care about what others think. a lot of lies and rumors have been started about emo kids, so please… don’t believe them, listen to MY facts because unlike some people… these actually ARE true. Here are the REAL facts -

Emos are VERY misjudged. People believe the stupid lies/rumors that the haters have started. People need to get their facts straight and get to know them before they judge them.

There’s nothing wrong with them at all. They’re not all attention seekers, only the posers act like that. They’re not weird, scary, evil or anything like that. A lot of people don’t know the true meaning behind emo as a style. A lot of lies have been started about it such as emos cut/are depressed/are suicidal 24/7. That’s COMPLETELY untrue. Suicide is something that should be taken seriously no matter what and has nothing to do with ANY stereotype. Cutting/self harm is an important matter that needs to be tended to ASAP. It also has nothing to do with any stereotype. Depression is a MEDICAL CONDITION. It has NOTHING to do with stereotypes. a lot of people have depression issues. That’s something that should be taken care of by a doctor.

~As I’ve already stated, cutting/depression/suicide has NOTHING to do with being emo or any other stereotype. Cutting is a serious matter that needs to be handled ASAP. Depression is a MEDICAL CONDITION and a lot of people have it, NOT just emos. That should be treated by a doctor. Suicide is something that should ALWAYS be taken seriously no matter what. It has nothing to do with stereotypes of ANY KIND.

~Bulimia has NOTHING to do with ANY stereotyes either. This is a MEDICAL CONDITION that should be treated by a doctor ASAP.

~Dying your hair doesn’t make you emo. A lot of emos have their natural hair color. Hair color has nothing to do with it at all.

~Attention seeking also has nothing to do with emo. Attention seekers are in a class all by themselves.

~Emo is a music type and also a type of style

~People who say things like “I wanna turn emo”, “Am I an emo?”, “How do I be emo?”, “I think I’m going/turning emo!”, “Help me, I’m emo!” or “Help I think I’m emo” are considered posers. If you have to ask other people how to look/be something, chances are your NOT and just trying to be something your not.

~Ignore the haters. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being emo. Emos are actually nice, friendly people.

~A lot of lies/rumors have been started about emos such as they cut, they’re always depressed, they’re very btchy and moody. This is NOT true. As I’ve already stated, self harm/cutting and depression have nothing to do with ANY stereotype. And you wanna know why some emos might be bthcy? Because they’re sick of the fcktards who act like they know everything about emo, when in reality they don’t know sht because they’re the idiots that believe they lies! That’s very wrong indeed.

~You DON’T HAVE to have piercings to be emo, or be shy. Some emo kids are actually very out-going. Piercings are a form of self expression and body art. It doesn’t make you emo just because you choose to have them.

~Converse isn’t something that makes you emo either. Some emos wear vans, others wear skater shoes.

~Wearing blue, or other funky colored pants… not emo. Sorry, they wear whatever they want. Not ALL are skin tight either. Some are just nromal skinny jeans or even a little loose-fitting.

~Band T’s are also NOT a must. They wear any shirt they want to.

~Doing drugs DOESN’T make you emo. Drug addictions are things that affect SEVERAL people world-wide and have NOTHING to do with ANY stereotypes. If your suffering from drug addictions, you CAN do something to help yourself. Don’t EVER be afraid to ask for help. There are several centers and programs out there that are just for people who are addicted to drugs. They help you get off drugs and help you stay clean/drug free.

Now THIS is advice for ANYONE to follow, including yourself -

ALWAYS be yourself. NEVER change who you are for ANYONE no matter what. Never change yourself just to fit in or anything like that either. True friends/lovers would be able to accept you for who you truly are.

Hopefully this helps you, if you need anything else, let me know.

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