Emo kid song

what do you guys think abour the emo kid song by adam and andrew I think its far beyond low and stupid I cant stand it

Answer #1

Yea I LOVE my eye color. if people don’t believe they’re real.. I touch my eyeball with my finger and am like “see… told you… no contacts, just eyeball” hahaha I’m the only one in my family who has them. My brother and mom have blue eyes… but not the same shade as mine. And yea that’d probably be good haha

Answer #2

I think all there songs are funny …there not really teasing people who are emo…or gangsters or any other sterotype…there just singing about all the things that people generally think about when thy think of that particular steroytype… but they certainly didnt want to offend anyone, they just thought it would be funny

Answer #3

hahaha actually I mean rather evil when I get pissed… I kick, bite, punch, cuss well… I do that daily… lol, throw things, etc. My eyes even look like they’re black when I get really pissed. It’s rather awesome I guess haha

Answer #4

hahahaha thats awesome lol Mine has gone an orange colour before lol my eyes are usually black if not there brown I am so not pissing you off lmao

Answer #5

hhmmm maybe not lol but if we were which me most definitel arent plotting a murder we sure arent going to stop by the jb house hahaha

Answer #6

xxxemoxxxlifexxx - Glad you like my idea… I amaze myself… j/k! haha But yea it would be f*cking HILARIOUS to do that lol

Answer #7

hahaha please stop by the jb house lol angel huh you have horns that hold up the halo hahahahahahaha well thats different lol

Answer #8

Most people are like “ewww did you just touch your eye?!” and I’m like “uhh yea…” and they’re like “THAT’S GROSS!” and I’m like “well YOUR the one who didn’t believe my eyes were real so I proved it to you XD” hahaha

Answer #9

I like it but there teasing emos and thats stupid I love emos there awesome thats why I got my lip pierced and put pink streaks in my natural blond hair

Answer #10

rofl yea… most people usually decide to AVOID pissing me off at all costs lmao My eyes are usually an icy greyish blue color. Most people think they’re contacts but they’re not.

Answer #11

I’m really a lil angel… my horns just hold up my halo gives innocent look but an evil grin slips out too

Answer #12

Ok that song is just plain fcking STUPID. Anyone who actually likes that is also fcking stupid. ALL “emo kid songs” are pure stupid. Who gives a fck if they’re emo or not… it’s none of your damn business so leave them alone. I vote all the emos should make a song about them called “The Fcking Retard song”. I’ll help if there are any takers on that haha

Answer #13

im an emo kid un conforming as can be you’d be non conforming to if you were just ilke me I have paint on my nails and makeup on my face im almost emo enough to start shaving my legs cause I feel real deap while im dressing in drag I call it freedom of expression most just call me a fag. im just a bad cheap imitation of goth and if you catch me in my ryme and watch me jack off I wear skin tight clothes while hating my life if I said I liked girls I’d only be half right I look like im dead and dress like a homie!!!…I must be emo blsh I could go on!! haha I know all the words..

I feel like tacos!!

Answer #14

oh we wont miss there house lmao takes out knife and eyes start blazing a firy red haha

Answer #15

hahahahaha takes out sword and does some ninja moves oh yea… I’m the ninja devil ahahahahahaha

Answer #16

rubs hands together evily excellent XD We’ll teach them stupid f*ckers to make fun of US!

Answer #17

U sound like you have beautiful eyes and yea id definately avoid pissing you off lol

Answer #18

to many haha’s lmao well me and my birdie love you equally

Answer #19

and im an absoute saint hides devil tail away hoping it wont get notice lmao

Answer #20

Yea I’m told that I’m plain f*cking HILARIOUS… and I have to agree haha

Answer #21

mmmHmmm lol hahaha gives untrustworthy look lol

Answer #22

hahahahaha definitely a plan lmao XD

Answer #23

I think it’s completly stupid. It’s not funny it’s offecenive.

Answer #24

ofcourse not hides hatchet and chainsaw we are so not that evil lmao

Answer #25

hahahahahahaha thats hilarious lmao

Answer #26

hahahahaha awesome

Answer #27

I hate that freakin song it does my head in

Answer #28

hahaha the ninja devil lol im not messin with you lmao

Answer #29

haha that would be hilarious making that song lmao I’ll help hahahahahahaha

Answer #30

haha nice

Answer #31

hahahahaha yea yea I think your bird loves me more lmao

Answer #32

man you r the devil lmao

Answer #33

Hahaha that sounds like a plan lol

Answer #34

It sounds like you two are planning an assasination not a song lmao

Answer #35

haha fer sure

Answer #36

so what you still love me lmao :P

Answer #37


Answer #38


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