What is your most embarrassing moment?

what is your most embarassing moment?

Answer #1

OH my god, along those same lines, my best friend’s brother has a disease where his bones are very brittle, and he’s confined to a wheelchair. He does pretty much every activity though, including baseball, which is what we were playing at the time (I was probably 8, and I was up at bat, and he got me out. I was a little mad, because it was the first time I had gotten a hit so I blurted out something like, “Let me get a hit or I’ll break another one of your bones.” I actually had totally meant it to be funny, and didn’t realize it was extremely rude, but he calmly explained “Look, I don’t like people saying things like that about my disease.” I was sooo mortified, I just called my dad immediately and had him pick me up.

Then there was the time when I was eating dinner with the same family, and my bff and I were giggling at the table, and I snarfed (spewed) milk out of my nose and mouth over the WHOLE ENTIRE table. Everyone went silent and just stared at me. Her mom was really high strung, too, and didn’t find it funny at ALL. Of course, my bff and I laugh about it now.

Answer #2

I was on a flight from Detroit back to London. They gave us a choice of red or white wine but I chose both. The girl next to me asked if I liked it and offered to get the same as she didn’t drink. There I was with 4 bottles of wine which I drank and got totally sloshed!! as we were approaching Heathrow,I really needed the the loo and got up to go,only to be told that we were landing and I would have to wait!!! I was in a bad way! Shuffling in my seat,singing,crossing my legs,you name it but Finally the light came on to release the seatbelts and I flew to the toilet to find it was Occupied!!! ARRRGGHHH!!!… I was dancing like a mad Irishman until, I heard the lock turn. I scrambled past the Women and tried to close the door behind me but her skirt was tangled around my already untied belt…She was screaming uncontrollably and I just wanted a slash!!! Sod It, I done my biz with her skirt still attached and then calmly told her how sorry I was. I didn’t realise til Passport control a good hour later that I was completely soaked down the front and the looks I was getting werent because I was pissed but because I’d had…Anyway, If you ever listened to Kiss Fm, in 1993, That was me!

Answer #3

I was about 12. I have a mentally retarded cousin that is about my age. There was a big family get together at our house. Before they all came my dad had a talk with me and reminded me not to saying anything about my cousin not being smart, it wasn’t his fault he was retarded after all. I was playing with my cousin and it was going pretty well; he is pretty high functioning but he would make up things that couldn’t possibly be true then keep insisting that they were and he would want to keep playing the same game over and over again but he would cheat whenever he was loosing then insist that he didn’t. Over time he did get rather obnoxious and there was nobody else there our age so I was pretty much stuck with him. We were playing in the family room while all the aunts and uncles were playing cards and my cousin just keept needling me until I finally snapped, “act your age not your IQ!” I didn’t mean it the way it came out and as soon as it left my lips I knew I screwed up. The room became silent; my cousin sat motionless, my parents were both furious with me an my aunts and uncles all looked at me like they couldn’t believe I said that.

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