How many email accounts do you have?

Odd question, I know, but I'm just curious about how many most people have to manage. I have one personal email, one for business and some personal, and then a slew of other emails forwarded to me form various business I work for. How about you?

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mann, i dont even keep track. hahaha ;-) at least 5 i believe.

active ones, prolly 3.

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I don't know how many I have because I have forgotten so many but I have five that I actually still go into. Its getting complicating too!

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Um let's c I have 6 hahah but I only use 2 sometime and 1 allll the time

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I have two, one personlal one and one for facebook and funadvice since I get so many emails from them.

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i guess 10-11 or so?? Hahaha

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@ymail - @gmail - @msn - @blueyonder and all are used for different things.. blueyonder for paying my virgin bills, ymail for signing into yahoo videos, gmail for saving my igoogle homepage and for youtube and msn for everything else

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Hm. 5 or so, and I only use 3.

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Maybe 8. But the important thing, is that it seems like one, because I make all of them go to my Gmail Inbox.

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Indeed. I have a billion, but gmail is the giant source of them all :)

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3 but i only use 2 of them
one is MSN where my facebook and personal emails go
and the other one is for less important things xD

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I have 2, hotmail and yahoo :)

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:-) i also use my gmail account most of all :-)

i like its interface. very easy to navigate.

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10 for xbox live, a facebook, myspace, deviant art, poem hunter, 7 emails i check and 1 laptop to do it alll

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8 for what I can rememberr;)

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i hav 1 hbu?

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I have 12 e-mail accounts. Lol. I only use 3 of them, but I keep the others as backups when I register for things cause they like to send me spam. Does anyone have more than 12? Let me rephrase that, does anyone have more than 12, that are still working and you know the passwords to? ;)

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2. my nomal one i use for everything and then my other one is only and specifically for my other youtube channel

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I have 2 . One on comcast that I use more often and the other one on yahoo

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In amm honesty probably like 50 but only 1 do i actually use.

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I have like a million, but just from over the years of changing the address -.- I only have one that I actually use though.

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3 but one of them is my main one

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I have a student email address, a department email address and a random hotmail one that everything that is not anatomy related or uni related goes to.

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