What are some good email address name ideas?

What are some good email addresses since I will be in college I need a more mature one.

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how bout smileascm_me(your age)@funmail.com or hotmail.com

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wats rong w/ your email addresses?

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Like ty said,your name. But if you want to be a little creative but still mature and professional,go with your first name,your favorite/lucky number,your last name. Or you can go with a hobby you like but use the initial and your first name after it.

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try some of your hobbies like cheerleader888 or footballer987 something like that or maybe a store you enjoy like holisterrox09 or a band you enjoy like ilovekanyewestxoxox ok thats pretty gay but you get the idea

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your name is usually a good bet, like your first initial and your last name...

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email address for a single person worldwide sould be unik and single. And same can type by his next friend such as cast.name.agegroup.education facult.distric.contry

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name and birth date

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