What's "elder scrolls" and what/how to do it?

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... Are you talking about the video game series? What context did you hear this in?

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http://funadvice.com/r/15auv9d27l2 - i came across that website and I thought it looked cool so I was wondering what it was

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Elder scrolls is a video game franchise. The have a game currently coming out called skyrim which is the fifth installment to the elder scrolls series. They also have oblivion, morrowind and a few others. They are an role playing game that has a very dynamic plot and you can do alot of different things, from mixing herbs, quests, just killing people. Its really fun game. You can't do it but you can play it if you have the right gaming console. They also have some books for it aswell.

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Yeah, it's a video game series. It says so on the site, all the information is there.

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Sickest series ever, well I've only played Oblivion so far, but can't wait for Skyrim.

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what kind of game console does it need?

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Arena and Daggerfall are only for PC, as far as I know. I know you can get Morrowind for Xbox and PC, not sure about other systems, and Oblivion is available on 360, PS3 and PC.

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You really need to play Morrowind.

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