what are the effects of cocaine and what exactly does it do and whats the rush?

Answer #1

Every drug can react differently to different people. Just because someone had a certain response while intoxicated on a drug does not mean someone else will as well. As for cocaine, i have done a lot of research because of a friend’s abuse and dependance to the drug.

generally cocaine seems to have very similar results. What’s so great about being high on coke? Cocaine users often describe the euphoric feeling as:

* an increasing sense of energy and alertness
* an extremely elevated mood
* a feeling of supremacy

On the other hand, some people describe other feelings tagging along with the high:

* irritability
* paranoia
* restlessness
* anxiety

Cocaine’s immediate effects wear off in 30 minutes to two hours. Smoking or injecting cocaine results in a faster and shorter high, compared to snorting coke.

I do not, by any means think cocaine is a drug that should be experimented with or used/abused but if this is something you are struggling with feel free to email me and i will try to help you the best i can.

Answer #2

Sorry if i gave off the wrong impression when connected to wifi in scgool it all has to be parentaly advised. So i used this to write my health essay on sketchy drugs.

Answer #3

thank you

Answer #4

no problem i just wanted to make sure you were involved in it, and i am very glad to hear you are not.

Answer #5

Every thing she said, but first the good things then after a while the bad things like paranoia, depression,etc.

Answer #6

Cocaine makes you feel very hyper and what they call “up”. It hits you instantly and you are very alert and excited. The downfall is sometimes you feel paranoid and when you come down its very hard to sleep and your lower back will hurt.

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