How effective is learning by taking a course online?

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It's easy learning online. I did not like that when I was doing certain
assignments, I didn't have anyone to go to with my questions, when
I had questions..

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I tried taking courses online and I am not a person that can do it. I need a room and teacher enviroment saying things out loud and explaining in person to me, also so I can ask questions. & taking the courses online a lot of people tend to prolonge going on because they know they can go on anytime, so they keep putting it off till it's too late.

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Online learning or online education is actually a broad term that can describe a learning environment which is electronically supported. Some of the applications and processes which are involved in online learning would be web-based learning, virtual classroom opportunities, computer-based learning and digital collaboration. Generally, course content or course materials are delivered over the internet or through other forms of multimedia. Online course programs can either be self-paced or led by an instructor.

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