Ecstasy- please help!!

Okay so my sister has done ecstasy a few times and last night I tried one. My sisters friend was over and they had both taken one pill earlier in the day. So im usually very against drugs, but I just wanted to see what it would be like. So me and my sister took one at like 2:00..and it hit me about 2:30. It was amazing, and I was just having so much fun. I was acting crazy and everything and then me and my sister went in the bathroom and we were just talking about everything in our lives. Like spilling our hearts out. Right before we went to bed I was just feeling really depressed and I went to bed at like 6 in the morning and I woke up at 5:00 pm and was still feeling depressed. And im even feeling depressed now. I keep thinking about ecstasy and how fun it would be to take it again. I really dont know what to do. Will this feeling go away? Somebody help please.

Answer #1

XTC, uses up your seratonin in your brain (the chemical that makes you happy), so it’s normal to be depressed after taking it. It will replenish itself over about a day or two and you will be back to normal. Don’t worry. It happens to everyone who uses it.

Answer #2

E is so bad I literally did it a few nights ago and woke up to my mouth covered with white painful bumps called chemical burns cause I took 12 of them,and I was drinking everything was vibrating it was really bad and I didnt feel safe,and now im paying for the consequences with a swollen mouth,throat and jaw, I can barely eat,talk,or swallow ,and I almost lost my brother to it

Please I learnt my lesson,so did my brother ,now it should be your turn to learn not to do it!

Answer #3

Please don’t use it anymore. You’ll end up addicted and destroying your life. Ecstacy can kill you..your lucky it didn’t the first time.

Answer #4

Yeah you cant do x and say you’ll never do it again. And you’re just having what everyone else has. I recommend getting some 5-htp pills and take 1 a day for a week after taking x. It fills up all your depleted seratonin that you lost from the x. Dont worry bro. itll go away within a couple days. just wait 2 weeks before doing it again so you’re safe.

Answer #5

It will most likely go away - Taking it again isn’t going to help your situation, it’s just going to make it worse because you’ll end up in this same position over-and-over again and it’ll get worse every time, so just deal with the feeling now and move on. Ecstasy is so dangerous as you should know by now, and your sister was wrong for giving it to you. You don’t need to do drugs in order to be happy, you and your sister should be able to talk about things without being drugged up.

Answer #6

yeah I really wanna try it again when theres like a lot of people there and stuff. I wouldnt do it alone.

Answer #7

SO everyone here that says it can kill you is full of it. I have been doing it for about 9 years and have done lots and lots of research on the matter. It will NOT KIL YOU. I don’t do it all the time and XTC is NOT addictive. I am not sure where you people get your fact. Probably form the media which make everything look bad.

Answer #8

I’ve been taking ecstasy since last november and kind of was havin 1 - 2 times monthly. I must say that with it you have a great pleasure during parties; like loving everyone, forgetting your shyness, feel extra cool and sexy, like perfect. My fiance who takes it also started to tell me lots of things that “sober” he wouldn’t like I never told you I’m afraid I may lose you so I was amazed. Months started passing and if I know I wasn’t taking ecstasy that saturday I started to act weird, complicating my relationships, anxiety, crying, feeling of hate, etc. I was breaking up a dozen of times because the after effect of e remained I guess even for 2 weeks or 3!!I noticed that even to my female friends happened the same way. My fiance just will have some after eddect 2 days after but not the fighting thing just a bit tensed and itchy. Yesterday was the first time after NOvember that I went to a party without e. I drank some Bacardi and got tipsy. I danced and enjoyed more the music though some different things were that I wasn’t comfortable hugging and kissing unknown persons(on e), wasn’t able to fully connect with my fiance with e and got tired at 3.30am where usually I would have been still bright until 5am!! But the amazing thing is that this morning I woke up like the old me, not tensed, no bad feelings, etc. My fiance who was near me in bed was a total crap, was still clenching his teeth! I spent the whole day with him serene and a loving girl like the real me. No depressed feelings at all. So if I balance out pros and cons… I’ll choose (I have to stick to my decision) of no more e in my life for the love for me and my fiance because I want to him for the rest of my life. I know e is wrong psychologically and even though I tolf him I’m not against him popping a pill rarely like we used to do, by time I will make him stop too because I want him to free from its bond. What a relief guys… ps I am not regretting of taking e in the past because it made me overcome issues and connected me with my fiance and lots of friends. But its time is OVER! I deserve to be happy!!

Answer #9

yeah in 5 or so days after you do it you will feel normal. the most important thing is don’t do it too often. only once mabey twice a month.

Answer #10

Ecstasy is an upper and an extreme upper at that, so when you crash, you are going to crash hard.

The depression is what gets you hooked—its a never-ending cycle. To combat the depression, you drop more E. This is how the addiction starts, it grabs you in from the 1st time.

If there’s any chance you have any depression to begin with, you should never take E again.

This combination could end up with harmful, even fatal results.

No one should actually be condoning drug use in a public site such as this. There are many young members on this site and someone advocating E and telling them when to use it is rather inappropriate.

Answer #11

hey it’s your life do what you want. you don’t need to ask people how to live your life. if it made you feel great taking it than take another one. the crash always goes away don’t worry. enjoy your life

Answer #12

hahahaha rolling is bomb! you would of liked it morre at a rave or club. keep poping bro! try some poke balls

Answer #13

Whatever you do, don’t take another pill. You might want one now, but the cravings will go away if you wait. If you dont wait and if you take another one then the cravings will most definitely not go away and you will be hooked and it will ruin your life.

I hate to be so blunt, but it’s your life at stake. Don’t do it.

Answer #14

dude I know exactly what your talking about right now it lasted till I took my next one then it was just to where if I heard techno or saw bright lights or heard ecstasy I would get a huge grin on my face lol

Answer #15

Ecstasy is fine when your on it but for days even weeks and months after I went through a bad stage with ecstasy, I suffered from huge depression and anxiety from coming down from the high of the ecstasy left in my system. I will never take the drug again. It ruined a year of my life and I had to leave school. What a waste. I used cannabis to tackle the depression but that made it even worse. DONT TAKE ECSTASY PLEASE…

Answer #16

Rolling xtc is not that bad. just knowing how to control how much you take and how often is the trick. I had a friend that rolled all the time. 8 rolls in one day even! but she was puking her guts out…so dont do that. but the depression is really hard to deal with. im going through it right now. my head hurts and I have to go to class soon..ugh! but im glad I did it. it helps with a lot of depressing matters. And! the medical company Merck actually invented MDMA or “Molly” which is the root of ecstasy. MDMA was made for people who were severely shy/depressed and it’s an appetite surpressant. honestly, getting your hands on Molly is better because its pure and not cut with anything. and dont get dark pills! like blacks or purples, those are bad news because theyre mostly heroin based. thats what gets you addicted and out of control. you have to be careful because you never know what is mixed in.

Answer #17

Its completely natural to feel depressed after rolling because it releases all of your seretonin and inhibits the reuptake of the neurotransmitter. Seretonin controls mood, appetite, libido, etc. It is true that once you take E and empty out all of your seretonin it is IMPOSSIBLE to put them back to 100%. A current test did come out saying that patients got there levels back to about 95%. I’ll never encourage anyone to take any drug, but if you do take this drug keep the experience you had just with the drug. Its a once in a while thing because you could get like I was and had to take at least 4 to feel anything.

Some basic facts about Ecstasy… Ecstasy is not a drug, MDMA is. An average street Ecstasy pill is roughly 20% MDMA.. the rest most likely an amphetimine like ephedra. So if you do end up rolling again or know friends that do it… buy a testing kit to see exactly what is in the drug. I know a lot of people will criticize me for saying this but it is just the pure facts and for some credibilty I am a Biochemistry major with my emphasis in chemistry and I am very knowlegable on the subject… But… Pure MDMA taken in small doses and infrequently is almost harmless. It does release seretonin, dopamine and norepinepherine and inhibits the reuptake. But those levels can go back to normal, usually within 2 weeks. It is the meth, coke, ketamine, heroin, MDA, MDEA, 2-CB, etc what ever the maker wants to put in it to make it cheaper is what is going to mess you up.. the scientist that said MDMA put wholes in the mice brains came out later saying it was meth and his supplier mislabeled it. If you dont believe me look it up. Also pure MDMA cannot bind to each other, that is why pure MDMA (called a molley) is in a capsule. So one convienient way to test a pill is squeeze it… The easier it is to turn to powder, the more pure it is… Not always true but just something to look at.

The last thing is safety.. Everyone said drink water so ill leave that out haha… Ecstasy is a stimulant so it will burn fat, protein, carbs, etc. So before you roll eat something and if you can try to eat some fat sand starches when you are coming off. The thought of food might be gross but its for your health. Also, it deplenishes your vitamins and nutrients, hence being dehydrated.. So take a double dose of your multi vitamins and eat a couple bananas for a stable Sodium- Potassium pump which will keep your kidneys working like they should. Also some natural things to put your levels back up… sleeping, eating, Vitamin B, Vitamin C… the best one is a supplement called 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan). it will help put your seretonin levels back to where they should.

So for last thoughts remember Ecstasy is a feeling, not a drug.. You can’t look back at experiences at raves or with friends where you felt so incredible and try to mimic that same feeling.. Scientifically it is impossible and that is why MDMA is a Schedule I drug.. So be safe and be an environment with people you love and trust because if you are going to risk messing with your body and brain’s homeostasis, make sure it was worth it..

Hope this helps

Answer #18

My best friend died after taking 3 pills one night. It makes me sick when I see some people trying to say it’s good fun. IT KILLED MY FRIEND. Drugs are so dangerous, especially as it is so easy to get hooked. I miss my friend and I will never see her again because of the drugs that you seem so eager to try again. It’s not worth it.

Answer #19

I’ve taken it before also you were probably depressed because the feeling was going away and the pill wasnt working as hard and yea you usually cant really sleep after you take it but dont worry the depressed feeling will go away and no matter how badly you wanna keep taking them… dont they will put a hole in your brain and they will eventually kill you.

Answer #20

also… mdma is NOT an upper, let alone “an extreme upper”. pure mdma is mellow and steady, if you’re having an up roll, you’re feeling whatever your pill is cut with, which is probably speed if you’re feeling energetic and up.

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