What's an easy cute hairstyle?

My hair is a inch or so longer than my shoulders. It’s dark brown with brown/light brown natural highlights. I have two questions- should I grow it out longer? and I need some really cute hairstyles for my hair right now. It’s wavy, but those big waves, not the small cute ones. Any suggestions are helpful. thanks! ps- I’m also a swimmer so its kinda dry. Tips please on that too?

Answer #1

Since your hair is the same length as mine I belive you should go with getting bangs that go about half way down your face. They can still be put behind you ears but look totally cute when you want them to show. Throw your hair into a pony tail about half way up your head then let your bangs hang!!! It looks awesome cute and you will have a really good way to straiten your curls waith no heat just use some hair spray!!!

Answer #2

ino this sounds completlly disgusting but to help dry hair I suggest you try egg yolk and bannanas mashed togeher with natural yoghurt as the EGG YOLK is nurishing for you hair and skin and also adds good shine to your hair. BANNANAS are good for a softening effect to your hair and skin. And the NATURAL YOGHURT is used as a blending ingreident and is also soothing when applied to your skin. GOOD LUCK!! xxx

Answer #3

You could curl it and wear it top half up, bottom half down. All you need is bobby pins for that and it looks really cute. Add some clips and head bands just for extra bootiful-ness lol. You could have it curled and in a messy bun with strands falling out everywhere. Sorry my hair’s al wavy/strait so I get a bit obbsessed with curly hair and all you can do with it lmao. xx

Answer #4

it matters if its straght let grow a little more if its curly cut make it shorter it will makeyour curls larger and cuter

Answer #5

I have the same problem I have a pool in my backyard that im always in I too cannot find a cute hairstyle for my hair its about the same length as urs brown with blonde highlights and big waves I usually put moose in it to make the curls smaller put it in a low ponytail and put it in a headband my friends always compliment me on it maybe you should try it!!! hope I can help!!! Good luck!

Answer #6

i have the same problem and my hair is about the same length as yours is. what i do is straighten it and pull it up kind of in the middle of my head.. simple and cute!

Answer #7

Answered by brighteyez Mar 03, 2007, 07:41AM Add me as a friend | Ask me a question | Send me Fun Mail | 303 answers. Yeah, I probably wouldn’t go much longer than where it’s at now. Shoulder length hair is long enough so that you can wear it in cute styles, but not so long that it gets in the way. Since you’re a swimmer, long hair could also cause drag and slow you down in the water, so it’s at a pretty good length. Since your hair is dry, I’d definitely stay away from heat styling tools, which will just dry it out more and when you’re in the water, wear a swimming cap. However, I could see why you wouldn’t want to wear one ( lol), so put a large glob of conditioner ( the kind you rinse out) in your hair and pull it up into a tight bun before going into the water. It’ll help to prevent the chlorine from completelt saturating your hair. You should also buy a really good leave-in conditioner and take extra care in making sure your ends are covered. As for a cure hairstyle? It’s best to keep your everyday look simple, but still polished. It’s okay to go a little crazy at special events and such, but on a day to day basis, you want your face to take center stage, not your hair. I happen to think big waves are beautiful, they give a person an almost princess-like appearance, but if you want them smaller, take my advice. Pull your hair into 4-10 small braids ( depending on how thick your hair is) before going to bed and when you wake up, take them out and you’ll have nice , little waves. If you have a roundish face, try some nice side-swept bangs which will update your look and narrow out your face. If you have a long face, get a cute fringe that’s about eye-lash length. It’ll shorter and round out your face. Fun-mail me if there’s anything else. Peace!

Answer #8

I had seriously dry hair too…I bleached my whole head..BLONDE lol it was gross and dry…but I got this hair mask my garnier…u leave it on 4 3mins and it works wonders your hair gets smooth and shiny instantly! and I have big waves in my hair 2…when I get out of the shower I brush my hair with a paddle brush and then I apply tresemme heat protectant(it comes in a black and red spray bottle) and then I apply 2 pumps of garnier sleek and shine serum(its comes in a sphere bottle) and rub the serum together on my hands and comb it through with my hands avoiding the roots…otherwise it will look greasy!…then if I want to wear my hair wavy…I apply curl booster by loreal(it comes in a black spray bottle) and spray it at the mid to the bottom half of my hair and let it air dry and then when it drys I take my bangs and pin it up! it looks totally cute and the longest part is air drying heres what it looks like!

Answer #9

I am actually in the same situation with my hair, I’m a swimmer as well, although my hair is a little longer then that, I experiment with my hair as much as I can just so I know whats cute before I go to school or anything. (I would suggest doing that too) Some of my favorite hair styles has been trying to scrunch your hair with gel (Garnier Frutis “natural feel” is the best because its not sticky and gross and makes your hair look a lot more natural and it controls frizz) with your natural waves it makes them tighter and smaller. I do it all the time. I also do curls with very little hair spray for a more natural look and it works very well! good luck!

Answer #10

wow i was reading this and i stopped and thought that your hair is exactly the same as mine. i also have light brown hair that is a little longer than my shoulders and my waves arent too cute either. however, i am also a swimmer and i play water polo so i am in the water 24-7. what i suggest is to only straighten it when it is necessary like if youre going out somewhere fancy or something. otherwise a pony tail is always good and usually just scrunching your hair can help those waves. so just play with it and dont get frustrated!

Answer #11

no!!! leave your hair down duh im the capton of my cheer squad I know what im talking about

Answer #12

layerz layerz layerz!!!

Answer #13

ok when it comes to hair keep it simple what i do is do a simple pony tail and put a hair band around your head and once again keep it simple i hope i anwsered your question

Answer #14

layer it to the front

Answer #15

As a swimmer i suggest keeping it short. it is really hard to keep long hair looking good if you are in the water a lot. Use the swim cap. There are two thousand cute hairstyles for short wavy hair. This is what my hairdresser calls princess hair. Get a hair magazine and a school photo and cut out the magazine faces to try the look on you. Its way cheaper than using some makeover program and has more variety. If you really need a conditioning try letting your hair sit in mayonaise over night with a bag over it to protect your pillow. Its smelly but it works. also putting a silicone anti-frizz sealer or olive oil on the ends before swimming can help.

Answer #16

try just scrunching it to make your waves a little smaller. or you could curl it in big curls with a curling iron then use our fingers to seperate the curls. you could also pull it up in a half ponytail or low pigtails. Those are classic and simple yet really really cute. Hope this helps you! :))

Answer #17

start cuting your own hair your self. Then when you get finished then coller it any coler you like even if it is pink or evin blueor any other coler you like. If it comes out to short just get your ears piresed all the way up your ears it will make your hair look longer. If that dose not help enought get a Tatoo and picers more parts of your body like you see other ones out there. so just go for it.

Answer #18

What you do is get a small chunk of hair from the front of your hair and put it into a puff ir hill type thing and then put the rest of your hair into a side pony and the you slowly and gently pull some pieses or chunks out at the front and wala you have a super cute hair syle


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