Easiest way to make someone cry?

Anyone have any ideas.. not to mean... Tickling is the only way I know... physical pain does the trick but that means someone has to get hurt physically.. haha I don't think I can stand hurting someone emotionally either.. any suggestions?

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Pepper spray would do the trick.
I know people such as the police have used that.
Pepper spray seems to make some people cry.

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-make them cut onions!!
-do something funney to make them laugh till they cry

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hold them down, get a pair of needle nose pliers- and pluck a single hair from their nose- guaranteed to bring tears.

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- make them cut onions!!
- do something dumb or something funny to make them laugh till they cry!
- talk about a very depressing topic?
- have a staring contest!

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Go touch a bunch of onions and rub it on their eyes :)

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well if you go to gym and they miss the ball or something some something like good going retard

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black pepper thrown in their face

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Why would you want to make some one cry?

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make them keep there eyes open for along time???


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poke a needle in their eye hahahahaha...hahahahahs no im just playing thats not funny

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flick them on the nose it doesnt have to be hard but it does the trick

middle of nose and in between nostrils

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