What is dylan sprouse's phone number?

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I don't think it's public knowledge. He would probably have people calling him every second of every day, and wouldn't get any time to himself. He's a person just like me and you and probably wants his phone number to be kept private!

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3259980343 I talked to him all the time he is funny

Are Dylan and Cole Sprouse gay?

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7562285735 omg I talked to him he said that he was going to talk to me lata because hes busy

How do I meet Cole Sprouse?
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well you probably ask kim rhodes or ashley tisdale(impossible) jaz don't think about it bec, he would never give his no. to you. Sorry

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its 309-713-6301

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905-579-5938 you should call you will get to talk to dylan and cole in real life.

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y is everyone after it no one will get it. it is unfair on them. my boyfriend is there secound cousin he wont even give me there no. and understand because it is not fair on dylan and cole

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that is not his number I tried it! everybody knows that a california number begins wit 818.

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***VEry important. must reAd***
That number 5712712409 IS NOT DYLANS NUMBER, I called and it's actually this guy who is a creeper don't call even with star67 because he can get your number and track you down, don't call!! Its not dylan and if you call he can maybe even... you know.. SO DOnT CALL he can track you downn!!

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I don't know what dylans is but I know what miley cyrus's # is it is 818-584-1294

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wats theire myspace?

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um, first of all not all California number start w/ 818,mines not . Second of all,Cole & Dylan Sprouse put a contest on their myspace,if you won it they say the 1st prize s their phone number yu should try it.[:

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I don't know but I know others numba 6143601668 is bowwow and 9724994918 is demi 2143069590 is selena and soulja boy numba is 6789998212 there haters

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I don't thing anyone is ever going to find out his number unless your family or you end up becoming his girlfriend!

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PEOpLE!!! stop trying!!! most people on here lie!!!AND...
the fIRSt 3 digits in a cAlifonia number is 562.also,
thAts what I learnD in bETWeeN thE age of 7 and 10. my
cousiN tried miley on me. tHey want alsO want to be left alonE.now,I neeD To FInISh my website.

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what is dylan sprouse cell number

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Hey guys. I do know Dylan & Cole personally. My mom works for the show suite life on deck, so I get to hang with the cast a lot. I DO have their numbers, but it is not my number to give away. I know a lot of you are dying for it, but would you want random people calling you? I CAN give you Dylans twitter name, which is for fans. It is Dylsprouse. Thanks. =]

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