How is dungeons and dragons played?

Well, my boyfriend is getting himself into dnd, and I’ve decided to compramise and try it out with him and his friends, and im kinda scared, can anyone tell me what im getting into? Or how the game is played?

Answer #1

its intimidating at first when you see all the 20 sided 10 sided 8 sided and 4 sided dice but I promise itll be easy once you settle into it I suggest if you want to get a flavor for dnd go 2 and click on the dnd section… and no im not going 2 stalk you im just a nerd trying 2 hlp

Answer #2

its way 2 complicated 2 explain in 1 txt box but im sure if your boyfriend is patient enough he can walk you through the game. I know tons of girls that play DnD… 1st of all do they play ver 3.5 or 4.0 cause those are completly diff versions( sort of) but first ull need 2 make a character.

Answer #3

I can hlp I love dnd

Answer #4

you im a dnd freak I can hlp

Answer #5

thanks, and I did make my character!! lol, im a.. half-elf cleric, :) I decided to be the healer in the group lol, and it was cool, I got really good stats, and ended up having a whole lot of health!! XD thanks for all your help

Answer #6

The best way to answer that is to suggest going to [link removed] and clicking on the “new to D&D” link. There are tons of articles of advice on how to play both on that site and on others. Do a search for Dungeons and Dragons in your search engine and you’ll find many.

In a nutshell, D&D is a co-operative storytelling game in which there is a Dungeon Master or DM and at least two to six players. The DM writes his own adventure or organizes and embellishes on a published adventure and the players develop characters who are heroes. Their heroes try to achieve goals in the adventure and work together to defeat monsters, save people, find objects and such. It’s like reading a medieval style fantasy book (like Lord of the Rings or Eragon only instead of reading about chracters you play one of them yourself. It’s like being in a radio play where most of the action is conveyed verbally but also sometimes with maps, miniatures, handouts (like puzzles or clues) etc.

There is also a variant called DDM or Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures Battles, which is a strategy game in which you play an entire warband or group of characters yourself (each character is reduced to the bare info needed to fight in combat encounters though instead of fully fleshed out). You either fight against another player as you do in chess or you run a Dungeon Run in which you co-operate with other players to fight monsters controlled by a DM. Most Dungeon Runs are much simpler and shorter than a Role Playing campaign and focus on fighting and finding treasure. Info on the DDM version is at [link removed]

Answer #7

Good! Which edition are you playing? It will also help to get a Players Handbook for the edition you are doing. If you are doing 4.0, you can get the D&D For Dummies book and the Players Strategy Guide. They are both easier to read than the standard Players Handbook and give great advice.

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