Dumb teen emo music

What with all the dumb teen emo music these days. What ever happend to great artists like Led Zepplin or Johnny Cash or Dwight Yoakum. What happend to people playing like Jimmi Hendrix or like Axle Rose?? Teenageers these days listen to theee shittiest music. If all a boy band sings about is how they really love a girl and they are only like 12, then they probably didnt write the song. Maybe these new bands would ahve more appreciation for what music really is if they had to actually try for something.

Answer #1

screw bands like zeppelin go sabbath

Answer #2

mainstream is crap music because it’s not about the music anymore. They’ll do what others tell them to do so they can get richer and famous.

Answer #3

you know what thats just your opinion. everybody is different. you like led zepplin and johnny cash and hate emo music, while others love emo music and hate johnny cash. who cares get over it.!!!

Answer #4

thats just your opinion, I bet uve nvr actually listened to that type of music before..I myself love the classics AND emo rock(pretty much everything exept country is good!) respect others opinions!nit everyone likes the same stuff!

Answer #5

I hate to say it but you are trashing it. You just called it dumb. But also I don’t think it’s “lost hold” it’s just changed. You say for the worse, some say for the better. I don’t enjoy emo rock and I don’t enjoy classic rock so it really is in perspective.

Answer #6

thank u! I totally agree johnny cash and led zepplin are such classics and yet most people dont even think anything of them anymore

Answer #7

As far as I’m concerned, Emo music sucks. Just personal opinion though, a lot of people I know, and many of my good friends, are into the Emo lifestyle. Also, as far as I’m concerned, Led Zeppelin sucks, Dwight Yoakam is cheesy old country music, Hendrix is dead (still awesome though), and Axl Rose destroyed his vocal chords and can’t sing anymore. These people were good, they just can’t hang anymore.. their days are done.

I can’t stand boy bands either, but they please the crowd, they make their money, and they go on about their business. They don’t stick around. nSync, is gone. Backstreet Boys, gone. 98 Degrees, gone. NEW KIDS on the FREAKIN BLOCK are trying to make a comeback?! How long you think they’ll last?? They won’t.. they’re not new kids on the block anymore.. more like old farts on the porch.

Music changes, it evolves. It’s growing with society. There’s more than just new Emo out there, keep looking.. you’ll find the “good stuff.”

Answer #8

ya, im not not trashing on it, im just sayin. but all music has to come from some where, I think music today has lost hold of what it came from in the past.

Answer #9

well obviously I care enough to ask and im sure you can ask just about anything on here

Answer #10

people change so do the age groups… you know??like when I was 7 all the girls on my block started to wear more revealing clothes.. like mini skirts and low cut tops… AT 7!!! the same is happening with music… and I just think it is more expressive. teens and kids are getting more angry and the parents less carring so they turn to strong music like the type you don’t like!

Answer #11

steph is right! maybe it’s just you who dosen’t understand the music… but heck… I’m not here to hate, it’s just that diffrent people have diffrent styles of music… and for you who thinks it’s “trashy”… to others they may be able to relate to it!! I actually think that some emo/rock songs are meaningful!! - why not give a shot to listening to the words!! I think that some of simple plan’s songs are pretty deep! : untitled, save you, holding on!! paramore : miracle is real good too!! the veronicas: heavily broken :D

to be honest I’m not really the emo/rocker kinda girl… but I still respect their music =)

Answer #12

I dont think theres really anything wrong with “emo” music its about emotions…everyone has emotions sure the calssics are great and id rather listen to stuff at least 10 years old but its not that emo music that people need to worry about its pop, rap and rnb…especially the new stuff its all about sh*t like guns, war, violence, rape, sex, drugs, fast cars, guns, and being promiscuose …id rather listen to music with emotion that crap like that

Answer #13

I am with you 100% rockergurl19

Answer #14

not everybody can like the same thing.

Answer #15

Who cares… it’s no big deal. Thats just your opinion, you should respect others…

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