Will dry humping hurt him?

so last night my guy friend and I went back to his house and hooked up blahbah. we started to dry humpp, and basically have sex except with clothes on.

Now its the next day, but im wondering if he has blue balls, or if hes going to be hurt..
-how do I know without asking him?

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Hahah thank youu! and I agree with you eskimooo, bimjob has it right on. hahhah

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Don't worry about him. All he has to do is toss one off by himself.

Blue balls can be real, but are talked about mostly to get sympathy action from girls.

Stay strong until you are ready for a mature relationship. When the time comes for sex, make sure that you use protection / birth control.

Good Luck!!

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hahah, yeyes, but that doesnt asnwer the question! hhhaha, I'm sure I was good, so he'll just have to do what you said.

thank youu :]

What is dry humping with no clothes on?
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no, it will not hurt him. Chances are he masturbated after you left.

What can I do to prevent getting bruised from dry humping?
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what does it matter he'll get over it.

How can I prevent bruising from dry humping?
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doesn't really matter. blue balls isn't that painful for a guy, it's achy and throbs but he's be fine. it goes away shortly anyway. omg. I love the first 2 sentences bimjob used. hahaha

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what does it matter he'll get over it.

Can someone please tell me what dry sex is?

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