How to fix dry and cracked nipples?

No.Im NOT Pregnant.
But My Nipples are Dry and Cracked,like Dry Skin.
What can I do to Fix it?

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lol this happening to me right now I think because it just turned cold but ima see bout to go lotion them up right now!

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Big problem, especially if you run in the cold.. I tried (don't laugh) chap stick.. it really worked :)

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actually I have no idea on that I need to kow too I got the same problem that you have now

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Why dont you try some baby oil after you get out of the shower or bath...

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...or some 'dry therapy' lotion after showering.

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cream em

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lol horrormusic

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wat the hell
i didnt know nipple could get dry and start to crack
that's awesome
i'm gunna take better care of my nipples now lol

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haha wow I have the same problem!!! it must be the weather... dry and cold.
id def. try baby oil and lotions but you can also try your own saliva. when im not at home or in class or something ill go to the bathroom or just reach inside my jacket and rub my spit on the tip. it works.
my boobs are cracked mostly cause my boyfriend sucks them but any type of moisturizing liquid or cream will do the trick,

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Do not do this cause it does not help it makes it worse but I pick at the skin it feels really nice when you are horny

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After every shower, or when you are horny, get out the baby oil.
Massage whole breast and gently play the oil to your nipples.
Result smooth skin and soft nipples.

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I think I may have the same problem. It's mainly at the tip right? I tried researching on-line and could not confirm and image of what it looks like or if my problem could be worse.

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This happened to me to! Because the cold weather like dried my skin out and such. I just put lots of lotion on for a couple of days and it eventually went away

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There are nipple creams at drugstores! Try looking with the baby supplies.. sometimes they have special creams and lotions for moms who are nursing.

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