drugs and alchol

im going to high school and im scared of drugs and alchol like not really scared but im afraid of peer presure and stuff how do I say NO in a cool way

Answer #1

say, “nah im good, you guys have fun though!”

Answer #2

I just say no.. it’s easy for me, but for others it’s hard.. but you must stick to your decision to say no cause saying yes makes you look weak.

Answer #3

Yeah honestly if you don’t wanna do it just say no… They’re not gonna force you, and if they do they aren’t really your friends. So just blow it off…

Answer #4

wow, seriously get over it becuase people will not peer pressure you because they wouldnt care if you wanna be lame then go ahead no one’s gonna care

Answer #5

First off…

It’s NOT lame to not want to try drugs and alcohol. Don’t do it if you don’t want to. Honestly it’s the smartest choice to just simpply not do it and if you want to say no in a casual/cool and normal way then just say, “ No thanks I’m good.” There’s nothing wrong with that and if someone tells you otherwise… forget them and move on. It’s your choice what you want to put into your body, don’t let anyone else make the choice for you.

Answer #6

you dont say “no” in “cool” way you just say no if someone peer pressures you into something you dont want to be “cool” with it you should be half offended and also able to stannd up for yourself and your beleifs if you dont want to get incvolved with drugs or alcohol say “no” then say something like, im not going to get involved with that crap, I dont want to, ect dont be cool about it because then theyll keep pressuring you stand up for yourself and be aggressive if they keep pressuring you

Answer #7

people arent going to MAKE you do anything. if they ask and you say no, they wont care, and chances are from your question you dont hang out with the kind of people who do drugs and drink, so dont worry about it. seriously, people dont really care what you decide to do or not to do, just dont get them in trouble

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