Drugg test

Hey I know people ask a lot but I really need help im broke an I got a drug test this tuesday I smoked friday I don’t know what to do please help

Answer #1

Okay the copper advice not so great. If they use a breathalizer test you will not pass no matter what you do (Sorry about spelling). You can pass a test the next day for alcohol by using a method called “flushing” which is by drinking WATER to clense your system and get rid of alcohol. Becareful not to drink too much because you can get water intoxication. Smoking well if you smoked Friday and your test is on Tuesday it should be out of your system after 48 hours. As long as that’s the last time you smoked. There is no other way unless you get someone’s urine that has not smoked to bring to the test. It is very hard not to get though. My suggestion is what Sika said. Hope that helps. Ashleigh Btw good luck on your test.

Answer #2

drink vinegar ,cranberry juice, and water and itll flush your system trust me I used to do it all da time before I got clean. I know the vinegar sounds madd nasty but depending on how desperate you are id say its worth it. but be careful some drug tests show when you try and flush, or tamper.

Answer #3

dink a lot a lot a lot of water(: and pee pee a bunch :p

Answer #4

Don’t smoke so you pass the NEXT drug test.

xox Sika

Answer #5

copper is good for disguising alcohol in breath and duno it it would work for weed.

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