How can I detoxify myself for a drug test?

I have to take a drug test tonight and can’t have it show up dirty, i need to know what kind of home remedies i can take to detoxify my system.

Answer #1

Not that I am advocating drug use, but it depends on what type of drug you used, how long ago you last used it, and whether you are an occasional user or a habitual user.

Answer #2

Well, I hate to sound like an old stick in the mud, but the best way to not show up “dirty” on drug tests is to not do drugs. Sometimes we just have to be responsible and do what is best for us, even if it isn’t what we consider to be the most “fun” option.

I have heard a few things about clearing drugs out of the body, but I am not sure if any of them actually work. Honestly, I would say just go in and deal with it. Sometimes doing drugs has consequences. Sometimes those consequences might be showing up “dirty” on a test, which can mean loss of job, loss of income, and possible loss of freedom in parole or probation violation situations. If you want to do the drugs, you have to be ready to face whatever consequences might come along with doing them.

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