How soon after a drug test will you get results?

How soon after you take a drug test at your Probation Officer… will you get the results?.. will they call you if it’s positive?(concerned because I had a wine cooler the night before (about 7-8 pm) and tested around 9:30am the next day..

Answer #1

Do not sweat it so much, If you only had one Wine Cooler… And there was about 12 hrs between the time you drank it, and took your test. The majority of alcohols are out of your system within 8 hours or less… Unless you drank a ton of them & or were drunk or had within the last 4 hours prior to testing, had a drink or two. It isn’t going to show higher than normal elevations of chemicals consistent with a wine cooler…

To be on the safe-side though, for RDT’s are a part of the process, I would recommend an non-alcoholic drink. There are actually a nice verity of non-alcoholic beverages out there, that taste similar to those that are. I had a Non-Alcoholic Champaign/Wine drink the other day, it was almost like a sparkling grape juice, but it had the zesty tang of a real fine wine’ And best of all, it wasn’t alcoholic. Now I have a Medical condition that prevents me from drinking, even if I had liked drinking in the first place.

However, in your situation... it maybe wise to stay away from anything that would cause a Positive result on a Drug screening. Did you know, eating a bagel, bun or muffin with poppy seeds can actually show up as opiates (POS) on a D/T?

Be careful, Safe… And Most importantly Clean. The whole point of being on probation is to make changes in your life, to rehabilitate negative behaviours or to reflect upon certian things you’ve done. Now, I am unaware of your situation as per why you are on Porbation, nor is it any of my business; However. Do not worry so much about the RDT, unless you did some kind of drug or something you know you shouldn’t of (Wine Cooler Aside) Keep trying… & do your best to be the best you can. Results are within 24-72 Hours. If you haven’t heard from them, that is probably good. NO news is Good news… You know. I’m, not sure though about directly calling or asking them, that would kind of seem specious wouldn’t you say? Well, I hope all goes well…

Good Luck.


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