Drug Test For THC?

I only smoked about 2 joints in the past month. I suddenly had to take a drug test for a job. I drank water for about 3 hours and then took the test. I am on prescription meds and I can prove that but want to know if anyone thinks I passed the thc part.Any opinions on this?

Answer #1

When you say you don’t want people giving you advice that are just going to say “Don’t do drugs” I feel you. BUT I doubt you passed the test. At this point, I would worry about what kind of repercussions are going to happen now that you’ve failed a drug test. If all else fails, go smoke a hootie:)

Answer #2

well it will still be in your system and you shouldent have been smoking in the first place dont you see what it does to teeth go on that website and see and it kills you it may feel good but it very bad

Answer #3

It depends how much you smoke it - if you are a regular user there is no way it would be out in of your system in a month. Like even if someone barley ever smokes weed then smokes a tiny bit, it takes that persons 10 days at least to clear. So smoking 2 joints, I highly doubt you’re on the clear.

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