Drug test

Does anyone know any over-the-counter pills I can take to clean out system that will help me pass a drug test. if so where can I find them

Answer #1

No, no solution here. Shouldn’t have done drugs in the first place. Go get yourself dried out!

Answer #2

Dear curiouscarol, You are going to hear a lot of fallacies about cleaning your system…look at it this way if there were such things everyone would be passing their drug tests and there would be no need to give them anymore. So, sorry there is nothing that will help you pass…you probably knew you were to be tested yet decided to take drugs anyways…do you think you might have a problem? Sue…good luck

Answer #3

Wow… Seriously, if you have been doing drugs you deserve to pay the consequences. Don’t expect others to help you when your not even helping yourself.

Answer #4

u shouldn’t do drugs its just a waste of your life my brother died of an overdose we were really close we talked about everything his drug use tore our family apart when he died and every day I blame myself for his death, I regret everyday not trying to do more to help him I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I do every sigle minute of the day I cry almost everyday casue I lost my bestfriend, my brother

Answer #5

depends on the drug and the way its taken ,if its a performance drug (steroids) your screwed) if its weed your screwed for like 30days or more even ,if its cocaine it takes 7days to flush through depending on how much uv done . herion you can flush out of your body within 3-4days depending on how long ago you took it and the same with eastacey. if its LSD or TCP that can stay in your bodie for like 6mths .hope that helps but really stop doing drugs

Answer #6

GNC stores carry a tea that will clean out your system. Drink a lot of water. Vinigar helps also, and cranberry juice and I mean a lot OF FLIUDS for the next few days. Good Luck, and to everyone else nobodys perfect we all try something at one time, Im 27 with a great career and still smoke pot!!

Answer #7

vitamin a is good

and drink lots of water probaly the pink vitamin water is best

remember it is stored in your fat so if your smaller it wont stay in as long

Answer #8

I had a chat with a woman who was giving me a drug test, and she told me that they can test for the substances that “clean” your system as well, if by chance you manage to pass your test- there will be a “red flag” attached to your test - as someone to watch, and maybe retest because of the presence of an extra substance. best advice- if you want a job- don’t do drugs.

Answer #9

it really depends on what drugs you did things like cocaine may only stay in your system for a max of a week while something like marijuana can be from a week to a month depending on how much you used. You can try doing a total body detox from somewhere like GNC but in reality I don’t think you would have much success with something like that, but then again it depends on what drug you used and how that drug was stored in your body.

Answer #10

I don’t think “curious carol” needed to be told NOT to do drugs. “curious carol” can make their own decisions. why don’t you people stop responding to questions if all you are going to do is preach? If you want to pass, there isn’t really MUCH you can do to help, I have only heard that these things work. But, I am not sure they actually do. So, here they are… Drink lots of water, eat healthily (no excess sugars/saturated fats) and eat lots of antioxidants.

Answer #11

Hey. yeah she/he shouldnt/couldnt/wouldnt of done them. but she/he DID so she/he needs his question answered not a lecture about dont do drugs man!

Answer #12

yeah man I agree with her… maybe you shouldnt have done them in the first place… :/ or… yeah just shouldnt have done them… lol sorry I couldnt help you

Answer #13

Zydot THC flush kit. Buy at www.hippywitch.net

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