why do I still get drug dreams?

I started cocaine when i left home at 14. Life was pretty crazy for a while, sometimes i used heroin aswell but not everyday like coke, I gave up about 3 years ago now, and have sorted my life out pretty much with a nice house and good lifestyle. Im still tormented by wierd dreams however where im using drugs. They’re really vivid dreams when im at home and the strange thing is that my current friends(who ive never used with) are there using with me. Theres always this real sense of dread and forboding asif its going to kill me and the people in my dreams seem menacing.Why is this happening ?most nights I wake up with shivers or shakes and i have to get out of bed and smoke a cigarette or walk my dog before i can settle. Will this go away?

Answer #1

Have you ever been to an NA or AA meeting before? Im a recovering addict, ive also been a little over 3 years sober and have completely changed my life around and now own a home and have a growing family. The reason why i ask if youve ever been to meetings is because as an addict, you learn that while your clean and on the right path, that part of your life will always be a part of you. The dreams are completely normal and we all get them. As long as they dont trigger you to go out and use, your fine. If you ever need to talk, feel free to funmail me.

Answer #2

thanks. glad its not just me. If anything the dreams help put me off using because the scenarios are always unpleasant rather than enjoyable. Well done for keeping away from the gear. Its never easy. see the old phrase ‘once a druggie always a druggie’ just aint true.

Answer #3

I think people misinterpret the saying. Its “Once an addict, always an addict” Which is true for almost all recovering addicts. Addiction is a disease that you learn to cope with and learn the tools to control, you never fully recover though. Theres always a part of you that may relapse or if offered something will think twice about it. Its a lifelong battle, but its manageable and gets easier with time.

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