drug cleanser

im 7 mths pregnant how do I clean entire system out before delivery so baby dont come back positive

Answer #1

I cant believe you did drugs while pregnant. I am hoping it was done before you knew you were preg and the baby may or may not come back positive for drugs. and you never know how the drugs effected your unborn child till its born. I hope things turn out okay, goodluck.

Answer #2

your horrible. im sorry but theirs nothing else to say.

Answer #3


Answer #4

you can’t. everything you’ve done since you got pregnant has affected the baby. the baby will come out positive anyway.

Answer #5

I dont even want to get into how sad and pathetic this is… Some people shouldnt be mothers and you’re a case in point… No matter what you do, that baby has been effected by the poison you put into your body. Do I understand addiction, absolutely, do I think there is any reason for someone who is dealing with that to put an innocent baby through it, absolutely not. I hope the baby comes back positive and they take it away. You definitely dont deserve to have a child.

Answer #6

You never should have been doing drugs in the first place while pregnant…now if you did them before you found out and stopped as soon as you found out they should be out of your system and the baby may have minimal affects but if you didn’t stop them you need to pray that they dont take you to jail after they take your child and put it in foster care for popping positive straight out of the womb…You are a sad individual that doesn’t deserve to have a child…

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