What drives you to tears?

I am not an emotional person at all, but seeing sick or injured animals and severe anger makes me cry. So what makes you guys cry?

Answer #1

Seeing babies or little animals hurt. it breaks my heart </3

Answer #2

Sickness and death.

Answer #3

This is a bit of a strange question. I guess all the usual stuff really: the death of a loved one, someone you love being ill/ in an accident, if someone is spiteful towards me, or as you said, severe anger, certain songs. I guess just strong emotional stuff?

Also, sometimes if I am really stressed out, or reaaaaally tired, or if I feel like I have messed up an important exam or something. Haha, I even cried when I got back from a 2 week holiday - reality hit me hard. Not good :L Plus I was reeeeaaallly tired. :)

Answer #4

there was this on ep of “courge the cowarly dog” about his past that he was remember about when he sa his parents cry but for me that was not the sad part the sad part when the music started and he was crying and waving good which i cry when they first showed it i still cry it might sound stupid but thats the only thing that make me crazy cry

Answer #5

Lol. Sorry, but that’s pretty funny. Haha, I remember “Courage the Cowardly Dog”… when I was little it would REALLY scare me. There’s just something about it… :S

Answer #6

lol dont worry :-p really first time i watch that show i fell in love like a fat kid falling in love with an ice cream :-P

Answer #7

I’m seriously emotional…I once started crying because a pea fell off my fork.

Answer #8

Hahahaaa :D

Answer #9

LOL. Wait… that was a joke, right? :S

Answer #10

lately, i am with Colleen on this one…so damn emotional…that i just have to get a thought, memory or flash back of something & i am all eye teary!
I wish i had no emotions…:(

Answer #11

Aww! Pweeeaaase think of the things that make you smile!! :)

Answer #12

death……no lol i know what gets me smiling hobbos that the truth i freaking Love Then!!!!!

Answer #13


Answer #14

No…that’s the sad part…I’m telling the truth, lol

Answer #15

Haha xDD

Answer #16

Was that recently? :O And did you get another pea on your fork? :OO

Answer #17

Oh, haha. Sorry, but that is hilarious. Why did it upset you so much? :P

Answer #18

LOL, good one…♥

Answer #19

you know what makes me smile…no joke…MATTY he so makes me smile…Also Miguel…OMG reading their posts…Matty seriously kills me I am like rofl…lmfao! :P

Answer #20

Haha wicked :>

Answer #21

Haha wicked :>

Answer #22

Why doesn’t my name get some caps? You know what tempty wempty, no more funnies for you >_>

Answer #23

Uh oh :O

Answer #24

watching the Titanic :(

Answer #25

Nothing at current :D.

Answer #26

a lot of things like for example titanic or any sad movie or my parents or school the death of my best friend looking at the ocean insecurity, hateful comments, rumors, gossip, judgement people, oil spill, bad earthquakes, animals covered in oil, cruelty, abuse, animals neglected, being tired, not being able to fall asleep, the smell of oranges, not having someone to talk or relate to, those are ones i just thought of now but thats probably not even half of it

Answer #27

Just how the customers and the workers treat me at work :/ Can’t really cope with all the stress.

Answer #28

I was pretty emotional when I was young. I remember there was an add for the yellow pages saying that there wasn’t long left to place your ads in it. In the add, the book closes before the logo can get back in and it looked all sad. I balled so hard, haha. Can’t even remember if I was faking it or not :D.

Answer #29

Just be cool. Where I work, customers are awful. I just act really passive and I seem to get by :P.

Answer #30

The smell of oranges?

Answer #31

And yes, I know how to spell ‘ad’, lol.

Answer #32

Same, but where I work I tend to get abuse hurled at me and food chucked at me and I basically get treated like sh!t. The workers b!tch about you and I have so many rhumours flying around about me. Not nice.

Answer #33

the crap world we live in.

Answer #34

All the things on my “hate” list on my profile. On the other end of that, things that make me happy are things on my “love” list on my profile. And people like SNOWBALL always make me better :D

Answer #35

I smell JEALOUSY…MiGuEl..(hermanito) you shouldnt play like that calling your sis a tempy wempty…you dont want me to tell maa what you said about her when she told you to…VXXXXX the XXXXe and CXXXX then XXXe Oxx the XXXXh before you left! Cuidado hermanito you are playing with fire! :P

Answer #36

Stubburn people -_-

unless you mean laughing tears, then id say cats jumping into walls

Answer #37

movies, books, some songs. I dont usually cry because of ‘real life’ things.

Answer #38

I cry when people make me feel stupid or mentle then i believe it at times and that upsets me a lot.i also cry when i feel hated by someone

Answer #39

Onions. :O

Answer #40

I’ll bet.

Answer #41

damn i forgot about immediate family members’ death. Never happened yet, thankfully, but if it will, i will cry.

Answer #42

I’m extremely emotional :P my parents, my friends, people on FA, bad food, getting sick, finding out I have no shampoo left in my shower, spending money, making people mad, insulting people, making people sad…anything you can think of, I’ve cried over it :P

Answer #43


Answer #44

OMG Colleen I’m exactly like that XD

Answer #45

Seeing my mother sad, shes not happy and i wish she were :/

Answer #46

I eat my peas with honey, It may sound kinda funny, but it keeps them on my knife.

Answer #47

I rarely cry, but one of the things that makes me cry is when people judge my intellectual comprehension of things by calling me a retard and such. It also makes me sad when people tell me I’m not really worth the oxygen because then that’s just begging for me to go die in a hole. :\

Answer #48

Alot o things. Family mostly and friends and this guy. But I etched this one YouTube video that made me cry Lyke a baby it’s called like heaven remix little girl or something it talk savior how her dad died on 9/11

Answer #49


Answer #50

I cry a lot but the thing that makes me break down the hardest would probably be knowing i hurt / lost…the people that mean the most to me…

Answer #51

so sorry to hear that…some people can be jack@sses…I sure hope you dont listen to a word they say…remember sticks & stones sweetie…filled with jealousy towards you & all your greatness! ♥

Answer #52

keep reminding her how special she is to you & try to plan a day for the both of you maybe just a fun day at the spa…a nice massage…might help her unwind a bit & smile for a while!

Answer #53

/gives you a great big hug…your not alone…♥

Answer #54

cant believe everything you hear…you know whom you are, and you must not allow petty jealous people get the best of you…chin up & know your self worth…if you allow them to get you down, enough to cry about it…they have succeeded, you lost & they won!

Is that acceptable to you?! I hope not…smile…for you are loved♥

Answer #55

unfortunately those things are unavoidable, we cant stop what is bound to happen…unfortunately it always happen to the best of people…that is why so many people say enjoy the time you have with friends & family for they maybe there today yet gone tomorrow! :(

Answer #56

me too, have tried it all…a burning candle…doesnt work…washing it before & sticking it in the freezer, doesnt work…i guess we have sensitive eyes…?!

Answer #57

only way to change that is say ok…wanna play like that np…. takes 2 to tango baby…customers act like they own you…offer service with a smile & if they still b!tch at you say have a nice day! Sometimes by actually getting all heated up that makes them even more frustrated & want to attack you more…best policy is to ignore…if they get even more frustrated, head to the manager & say i tried smiling, i tried ignoring, but i am not tolerating bad behavior…if you like to deal with a frustrated customer taking out their anger at me then have fun, by all means! Now if it is co workers…that is fun…when someone needs a shift covered…oops sorry gtta run! rumors are only rumors if you allow it become that! Co woprkers are always & forever going to gossip they are bored & looking for someone to be the bait…allow them to do it & they have fun plus something to talk about…spread one yourself &the story back fires on to them! Remember only you know the real truth…dont play victim to their nonsense! If it doesnt stop…again that is what a manager is there for…talk to them…say what’s on your mind like this…I refuse to be a punching bag to co workers/customers….remember that is what they get paid to do watch over the workers/customers & make sure they keep the peace between all & keep the place running smoothly!

good luck dear!

Answer #58

Thanks :] I’ll try that.

Answer #59

glad to hear that! :)

Answer #60

Lots of things. When I don’t feel like I belong, animal or child abuse, death, when I feel alone, sad movies, when people make me feel like I’m stupid or worthless, etc. I’m really emotional. Sometimes I even start crying when my computer isn’t working

Answer #61

ive asked you before to stay away from me.. do one!

Answer #62

Matty you are too irresistible…who can stay away from you?! :P

Answer #63


Answer #64

IKR!!!!!!! ahaha PAYBACK. or was his payback… :?

Answer #65

animal abuse/cruelty, child abuse, homeless people, homless pets, every january second, people who live in third world countries and cant afford much, and when people are mean and pick on people continously and make them miserable

Answer #66

I just cut them with my eyes closed… missing fingers is much better than burning eyes :P

Answer #67

ppl abusing animals :(AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I LITERALLY WANT TO kill them

Answer #68

If a Fukin pea fell off my fork I would lose it! Cuz I dont eat peas with a fork, I use a butter knife. :)

Answer #69

The Passion.

Answer #70

not you ;)

Answer #71

some times life but i get over it

Answer #72

You know it! :P

Answer #73

wow, how do you miss fingers with your eyes shut?! x-ray vision beneath the lids…you go girl! :P

I have even tried the sunglasses my dad suggested not to take a breathe while cutting…i almost fainted by the time i wanted to! :P

Anyone have some good tips on cutting onions minus the sensitivity on the eyes!? much appreciated here! ♥

Answer #74

I know what thats like. I had this evil customer once who was so rude, so I told her I wasnt going to serve her, because getting verbally abused isnt in my job description, then I burst into tears and ran upstairs to the bathroom, and then there was a fricken fire drill and I had to go back downstairs with mascara all over my face!

Answer #75

handing money over D: jokes xD the thought of me being left alone or if i am alone in my house i just cry because i feel vunerable >.<

Answer #76


Answer #77

My brother.

Answer #78

Anything does, when its that time of the month. I once cried my eyes out because I struggled to put my socks on. Then I realised what I was doing and laughed but then felt embarassed for myself and started crying again. Girls are confusing, eh?

Answer #79

wow, that must have been aweful…:(

I was once working in this office, import & export cargo shipping company… my job description was to do special work like for foreign countries since English was my main language another language was their main language…& I knew Spanish & a bit of Russian so I was offered the job to be working one on one with emailing special clients from abroad.

The boss that hired me had said I should help out when necessary as well like rewriting/checking grammar for special letters and helping when necessary by filing or faxing papers when the reg secretary was too busy! I said ok, np…

In no way shape or form did it say I am the all in one girl to fetch things!!!

There were 2 bosses, one dealt with the US and the other dealt with Russia… one wanted me to get the mail, be sent from place to place to pick up packages & all sorts of odd jobs no one wanted to do & so forth… The other boss well she wanted me to work more closer to her, so she could push me into a better place! Again, In no way was it in my job description to be that girl…in the meanwhile I was being pulled in every each way, not being able to finish one thing before the other started calling me over to their side of the office! A few months went by & I had said enough is enough! I took this job to be in a high place, with all my knowledge & foreign languages not to be a girl that picks up the damn mail or gets sent to pick up packages while being pulled apart between 2 bosses on a power struggle. Apparently they were calling the main boss & fighting over me…where as one wanted me to be nothing more then a all in one type of worker…as the other wanted me to get ahead in the company & be her right hand… Unfortunately I was called into the bosses office & told that I was a special person with a large heart & a good worker, that any company would be blessed to have me working their with all of my skills, but due to a power struggle they were simply forced to let me go!
On the one hand I was so sad I went into the ladies room & as well burst into tears…I mean here I was offered the job for 1 reason then one boss had plans for me to do things that werent even in my description where the other nice boss wanted to see me be successful…really hurt!

Trust me I know how you felt bcz after that I had to come out & clear my stuff…not a great feeling! Funny thing about it all, a year later more or less I found out they were out of business! oh well! :P

Answer #80

Lemons and grapefruit, maybe, but oranges???

Answer #81

Bahaha, get over it, bro.

Answer #82

Poor, Sasha! ♥

Answer #83

your all crazy but we, men, wov you :) specially when they look like silvia saint..

Answer #84

whos she? hold on i’ll google it……czech p0rn star?! lmao

Answer #85

When I hear someone very close to me has died. The main time I ever cried (for real) was when the WTC were attacked, it nearly had me crying today cause a few people liked what i wrote on my hand, cause I love this country.

Answer #86

Its bad like sometimes when I am alone and just have way to much time to think I think of all the bad things that are happening and I start to cry.

Answer #87

i may seem kinda weird but i never cry ! hhh :P

Answer #88

One time I was so bored that it made me cry. God I hate being emotional like that. -.-

Answer #89

peoples :’(


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