Drinking at 13

Do you think drinking at 13 is wrong ? I drink every friday night at my friends house , we have massive parties every friday. Do you think that I am too young ?

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Ya so I had a drink when I was 13 no big deal… No your not to young there are like a billion kids who drink around your age…

Answer #2

Depends what your drinking, when I was your age I was Doing all nighters on the streets with everyone and getting drunk and red! I wouldnt drink anything too strong though becuase of your age. My priorities have changed now becuase of my son but I still drink and go clubbing… even if I am only 15…Its your life just becareful =]

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Drinking at any age is not the best thing to do. At 13 not only are you not old enough to drink by law, but you are still developing and growing…do you feel it makes you cool? You can have fun without drinking.

Answer #5

I can’t lecture because I was doing it at that age. But you really need to be careful, because it is to young to be drinking. And your going to do some stupid sh*t you going to regret, you just have to be carefull. And don’t be one of those girls that get obliviated all the time. Thats just askin for trouble

Answer #6

no, I drank around that time to.. & ya tell me about it.. im 16 and I drink friday and saturday and if we have days off me and my friends drink then.. pretty much anytime we get a chance it. I just recommend to say away from drugs, weed if fun to do a couple times but it isnt worth ruining big things in your life.. and im not trying to sound like your mom because I’ve been there too but just stick with the drinking lol!

Answer #7

girl!!!1 I am 14 almost 15 and I only drink on special occasions I mean if you drink a little its ok but don’t drink the whole bottle or anythen like that. careful you mite end up addicted o get drunk and somen kud go wrong!!!

Answer #8

I think people are meant to experiment of course that does not mean making a habit of it but I’m just saying it’s okay to experiment. The first time I got drunk was 13 sure it wasn’t smart but you learn from experiences not rules or boundaries

Answer #9

look up the dangers of drinking you’ll find that it’s very bad for you.

Answer #10

Dear Yea, I know you hate hearing you are to young for drinking…but you are. Here is why…At the age of 13 (not just you but any 13 year old) you have not gone through different problems in your life that you will have to work out. It is called maturing through lifes experiences and dilemmas. It may be learning how to deal with a certian person…a certian situation…a relationship that is giving you problems etc…When we work through these “problems” it can make our life somewhat complicated, confusing and this can lead to a depressed feeling. When you are happy and you drink on Fridays…It may feel fine. Once you start running into some road blocks in life, you are at a huge risk to drink through these rough times, simply because you remember how you feel on Friday nights when you get drunk. You are at a huge risk to escape lifes dilemmas through drinking. So many things can happen through these times…1. You are not learning how to work out a problem, which means you will have a hard time in life as an adult. These “problems” are put in our life to help us grow etc…when you are drunk through it you are not maturing at the same rate as someone who is straight during these times2. You could become addicted to alcohol..and this sucks!!but think about it..when you see a problem and you start drinking it does not take that long for your brain to kind of start needing the alcohol even during the good times. If you ask any adult they will tell you stories about the problems they went through as a teenager and how they thought those times were so stressful and they will even look back and laugh about how serious they thought it was etc… These are the same times (different dilemmas) you can expect to go through. Try and not drink now…Try and have fun without it. You should be doing fun things like skating, hanging out with friends, movies etc…Don’t keep doing what you are doing!! It is a matter of time before the “only drinking on Fridays” expands to Saturdays then Thursdays etc… Funmail me and we can talk more. Familycoach

Answer #11

I have been in hospital with drinking before, and I still do it, my mum doesnt mind if I tell her that I am drinking.

Answer #12

in some countries thrink at thirteen is perfectly legal

Answer #13

Uh yeah. Drinking ages are obviously set for a reason. At age 13 you aren’t mature enough to drink, you aren’t mature enough to make the right choices. I bet you think your pretty hip for going to ‘massive parties’ every Friday… but your not. You should act more responsible, do it for yourself… before something bad happens.

Answer #14

I’m 14 and a halfff. and I want to drink a beer just to see what its like. will it hurt me?? pleaaase funmail me with answers. it wouldn’t let me post my own answer for some reason. I JUST NEED HELP thankies baii

Answer #15

yes drinkiung should only be dont on special holidays and things like that why drink,,, it only hurts you it will never help you,,, I have NEVER heard any one say “Thanks to drink I have become rich and happy”

Answer #16

You Will Be Alcoholic By The Time You hit 18 Unless you stop before it gets worse. since ure doing alcohol you might even start doing drugs. well I’m just telling you bkuz it start like that.u want to try a little something and then it becomes more and more and u get addicted. driking at 13 is not good. You will have a bad future if you dont stop. let me tell you something go to school learn and follow your dreams good luck.!

Answer #17

personally I don’t think it is a good idea but I am not one to lecture, and I have no room to talk. obviously I know I can not tell you what to d,but you have to realize the reprocussions of your actions. I will though, tell you what I have experenced: I started drinking at 13 and by 14 I was drinking most days and whould come to school school completly sh*t faced sometimes. this lost me good friends and effected my school work too every relationship from then on was changed because people had seen what I acted like, therefore did not respect me. yes I still do drink but I do not do it every day and am trying to overcome the problembs it has caused me. I hope this helped. in short experemintation is ok but think about how it may effect your future.

Answer #18

13 is to young to do most things but especially drinking, sex and drugs (in no certain order) Your bodies are not fully developed and by drinking you increase your chances of something happening to your growth and development. Your brain is not fully developed either so you run the risk of impairing yourself mentally as well. You do not have the life experience to deal with alcohol and all the things that go with it yet. Slow down, enjoy growing up the way you are meant to and quit rushing things. One day you will want all those years you wasted back.

Answer #19

I honestly don’t think it’s worth it. Alcohol screws up your body. And it’s not even that good.

Answer #20

no its not wrong to drink at a young age…well yea it is but its fun.

Answer #21

I think yes but that is your choice if you want to die at a young age

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