What do you think about drinking?

What do you think about drinking? Because I think only stupid people become alcholics…I dont like alchol or drugs but im not gunna hold it against someone but I dont like it when people do I think its a stupid decison that has no meaning to it.

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Abusing alcohol or drugs puts you on a road leading in a downward spiral if not corrected - it’s a choice that can turn into a disease.

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OOOooohhh. and your straight edge haha. got it (;

I use to be one. it wasnt like I sold out. I just realized I need to shut the fck up, and stop makin people feel like sit.

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People make all kinds of bad choices in life though - it does not make them stupid.

You learn from your mistakes and from your bad choices. You are talkins as if you have never made a bad choice in life. Every does - some people’s just happens to be drugs.

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Heated argument I ran into…

All I’m going to say is I was pretty much a 15-16yr old alcoholic as well as nicotine fiend, I stopped easily, anyone can stop if they want to, only problem is most people say they want to but actually don’t.

Just for the record, Mandy is right. :)

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I never said THEY are stupid, I said the CHOICE is stupid. I never said to much of anything about my life now did I.

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mandyloo is exactly correct.

your very judgemental and ignorant in saying that. it’s a disease like everything else. do you think alcoholics want to be addicted to it? im thinking no. I wouldn’t judge so harshly- you have no idea what your future will bring.

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well my mother ruined my life by drinking and if she would have never started maybe I wouldnt have the problems I have today im sick of her blameing me when obviously its the persons fault to even drink in the first place and let it get out of control.

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Below is a site on coping with an alcoholic parent:


Also, you might check out the site below to see if there are any Alateen locations near you:


The closest I could find was:

Pierce County Al-Anon Info Serv,



        Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

Answer #10

Wow, that was pretty rude and uneducated.

“Only stupid people become alcoholics”

I’m a recovering drug/alcohol addict and I take very much offense to that. Alcholism and Drug Abuse are diseases. The person has an addictive personality and it’s not their fault that the disease takes control of them. They make some bad choices in life, but ultimatly the drug and alcohol take control of them and it’s not something that you can just stop. It’s a REAL disease and they need medical and psychological help.

Answer #11

You are saying that they shouldn’t do it because it could possibly be addictive - so in that reasoning - NO ONE should ever drink, because alochol has the potential of becoming addictive. No one should ever touch caffiene - because caffiene is a drug, and it can be addictive. No one should ever look at pornography - because it can be addictive. No one should ever have sex - because sex could be addictive.

Answer #12

People choose to do the drugs because they either want to be cool or just do it for another reason. I think its the persons fault for becoming an addict it was your decision to do what you did you knew what might happen but yet people do it anyway. Whats the point of doing it if you know theres a chance you could get addicted and hurt the ones you love more than your hurting your self. I think its a self fish decision.

Answer #13

“but I do also think everyone is in control of themselves and can’t blame anyone or anything for choices they made. “

You obvioulsy know nothing about drug abuse or alcoholism? I’m sorry, but have you even been an addict or an alcoholic? If no, then how do you know how it feels or if you have control of the choices you make? When you are addicted to a drug, when the drug has taken or your mind or your body, when quitting the drug cold turkey could be fatal, you DO NOT have control.

Answer #14

People don’t wake up one morning and decide to be an alcoholic, its a progression that people slip into and even if you are hurt you should try to help your mother because if she gets help then it sound to me like you will get help… and you need to accept what has happened rather than taking the “if this wouldn’t have happened then this wouldn’t have happened” approach

Answer #15

once again mandyloo is so right, I myself have been through horrible things with hard drugs and I am completely recovered and I can tell you that it wasn’t smart but then again it wasn’t intentional, once they get ahold of you your locked in and it can control everything you do, if you are going to speak honey speak from experience! Your take on alcohol and drugs is responsible though.

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one of my friends is a alcoholic. he isn’t stupid, at all. he just has a lack of control. there’s a BIG difference. with everything: its perfectly fine in moderation

drugs are something different, some people think of it as a sort of escape to their life. they can’t face the day without being high. same with alcoholics, they need alcohol in their blood to function. if you don’t have that, you will not understand

yes, your right that it is a very stupid decision to get yourself into drugs/alcohol addictgions. but at the end of the day, everyone has their own reasons. everything has a reason behind it- they just don’t like to share it

Answer #17

Nunu - no one chooses to be an alcoholic. That’s ridiculous.

Answer #18

You are 16 metal girl, are you saying you allowed other people to make the choice for you?

Answer #19

ummm…I love drinking…its what keeps me sober…LOL!!!

Answer #20

drinking is actually pretty fun. I do it almost every weekend but I try not to get out of control.

but I fuc*in love it.

Answer #21

There you go assuming things that I have or have not done.

“you said it yourself- you wondered how could he enjoy that” when I was taking about that, I was wondering that at age 14 did you get that! at that moment when I was 14,

Don’t change the subject. The answer is still YES it is stupid to make a choice knowing what the consequence could turn out to be. This is the kind of attuide that get people, murdered, raped or addicted to anything. They never think it could happen to them. Straightedge said “ I think it is a stupid decison for people to make” Yes it is a stupid choice to make.

Answer #22

Your mother has a disease - instead of hating her and blaming her for a bad life - why don’t you try and help her.

You calling all alcoholics stupid, is very offensive. I am a recovering alcoholic/drugabuse patient. I have been through treatment, rehab and go to classes once a week.

You can’t tell someone to never drink or blame them for ever starting. Plenty of people can pick up a drink, and just have one or a few and not become an alcoholic. You must have an addictive personality, an abusive past, or psycological issues to become an alcoholic.

You should really try and help your mother and understand where she is coming from. Hating her and blaming her, does NOT help her condition. Read the book Alcoholics Anonymous and learn about her condition and what’s it like through an alcoholics perspective, then maybe you will understand.

Answer #23

Ok, I will some what agree with you straightedge, I think your choice of words were out of place, I do understand your anger against the topic.

You are right Drinking and doing drugs does not make any sense. And Yes I do believe people make really dumb choices when they try it. I don’t want to hear anything about peer preasure from friends or wrong place at the wrong time. I have been to many parties ( of age and underage) where both alcohol and drugs were at. I have been around the wrong people many of times. I do drink,yes in moderation. And when I was in my mid 20’s could dance and drink up a storm and get in at 4am and get up and go to work the next day. Now in my life, I like going out, but now if I drink to much, the next day sucks, I don’t get anything done and I want to lay around all day. So yes It was stupid of me to do that to myself.

People really act stupid and make bad choices while under the influence. This is a proven fact. I am not hear to preach, but I do also think everyone is in control of themselves and can’t blame anyone or anything for choices they made. Don’t blame the drug, for you are the one who put it into your body knowing it was unwise to do, so yes that part is stupid. I worked at a rehab and hardly any of the younger people where there because they wanted to get better, Most of them said as soon as they got out they were going to use again, They were only there because they got in trouble of there parents made them. That is there choice, they could have taken rehab serious and learned from it. Another bad choice. I watched my best friend become a addict to herion. Guess what, she was stupid for even trying it. I watched her beauty and life and family slip away from her. Yes it was stupid of her for doing it, was she now addictied. Hll yes, but she loved how she felt on it. and no matter what anyone did to help her she would just sht on them. So you know what, there comes a point when you have to wipe your hands and live your own life. Everyone elses life gets stuck on hold, while they worry about you. So yes it is a stupid choice.

And I don’t want to hear “ oh I had to or he was going to hit me” Or “ I had no choice.” You and only you are in control of your life and what you know is right or wrong, and if you choose to put something in your body you know you could become addicted too then Don’t do it. Why would you even take the chance. So yes it is stupid.

Answer #24

Look this is what straightedge is saying. Sorry Mandyloo, but I am sure you knew the drugs you were addicted to were illegal and could become addictive, if you did not know these things, which I am sure you did based on all or your history. Then You should KNOW better then to even try it in the first place. H*ll I was 14 watching a guy do a line off the back of a toilet at a party and he looked dead.
1ST sign for me at that age to know it must not be a good thing “How could he be enjoying that”

Look Mandyloo, unlike some other people on the computer, I refuse to unvail my whole life history to a bunch of stangers. It does not matter what I did or did not do. The answer to this quesion For me Is YES it is stupid to even start down a road you know could be destructive. If you ever think I am going to tell all, or even close to things you have unvailed on this web site, you are crazy, there is no privacy now of days as so as it is. I go on People’s Myspace and there are pictures of me posted out there. And yes based on the things you have posted on this site, you do not have a good track record.

Answer #25

Alcohol is NOT illegal and people become addicted to that, what’s your argument for that. Something being illegal - has NOTHING to do with you becoming addicted to it.

If you’ve never done drugs - then you have no idea why people can become addicted to them. You said it yourself - you wondered how could he could enjoy that? You have no clue what it’s like and what a euphoria senstation drugs give you. The sensation and the euphoria becomes addictive just as much as the chemicals you are putting into your body.

I’m not going to sit here and let someone talk down on me because I was a drug/alcohol addict, when they have not lived though it and have NO CLUE what it’s like.

I DO NOT care if I have a good track record or how people view me. I dont mind sharing my life story of my past addictions, I’m NOT ashamed of them, and no person should be. I’m a better person because of my struggles and my acomplishments today, so I have no problem putting myself out there. There is not a single person that I know, that doesn’t know my life story and what I have been through.

Answer #26

straightedge what you have to understand is that a lot of people drink alcohol… the cdc said 61% of adults drank alcohol in the last year (http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/alcohol.htm) … it really isnt all that unusal an activity, most people who drink dont even think about it being addicted… it seems obvious and stupid to you because you have to live with it… but for a person who isnt dealing with it everyday, the possibility of alcoholism is far removed… “it wont happen to me” is the way most young people think about everything… it’s like blaming a person for driving because they might get into an accident… addiction isnt something people choose… however, I will not deny, she had a child and so had a responsibility to put you ahead of herself… it was selfish… and blaming you for anything was beyond wrong

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