Does anyone know where to get dresses that look designer for cheap prices?

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im sure you can get them online cheap, you just have to look at the right websites.. i hope you find what your looking for! :)

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You can try online, like on, they ussually have cheap stuff there and it's good too.
If not, you can try stores like Goodwill and places like that, it might seem like a cheap place to go to, but the stuff you can find there sometimes suprises you.

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If you can find a tailor around the block, you can design it yourself.

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I'd try JC Penney's, Maurices, Wet Seal, Kohls, or stores similar to that. I always find fantastic dresses for dances, weddings, funerals, ECT for about 60$ or less at those stores:)

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i find that tailors dont do it quite right wen i try and do it from a picture. Maybe i've been to bad tailors =/

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check on the internet .

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