Do dreams have anything to do with your life?

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If you mean do dreams mean anything, then the answer is yes and no. Dreams generally reflect things that have heppened to you during the day, but not always in a sensible way. What they do is bring key things to the front of your mind. It is a way of your subconcious trying to solve problems for you and work through the events of your day and process them. For example, if you are going through a period of stress, you may have lots of dreams like being chased, which represent the stress coming up behind you and is your minds way of telling you you need to deal with it as it is creeping up on you and you can't run from it forever.

Some dreams are just completely random and you may not find a meaning, but if you have recurring ones, or similar ones, then maybe look into them and see if you can figure what your mind is telling you, so you can deal with it in your waking life and it will stop plaguing your sleep.

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Dreams are just thoughts that come up while you are sleeping. Usually a fantasy or a recent experience. Yes it is lined to your real life. It does not tell the future, but it may tell you your intentions, emotions, or other things that subconsciously you would not know about yourself.

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