Why do we dream when we go to sleep?

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its normal, we all dream everyday, just sumtimes you dnt remember the dream b/c the dream was too short!

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because when we sleep, we have a sleep cycle. we go into a deep sleep, and then come out of it and go back into it. when we come back out of the deep sleep we go into REM, where the brain has activity. the activity causes dreams because we are sleeping so it portrays images which are our dreams.

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there are two terms in sleeping, that is the first 2 hours of sleeping when we really have the deepest sleep. We rarely dream in this period of time. and the second is after the first two hours where the brain electric wave is at the speed just like when we are awake. Our mental activities slow down but not the brain, Usually the brain recall of experiences that has been stored in the memory. That's why we dream.

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Some researchers say that dreams have no real purpose, while others believe that dreaming is beneficial to mental, emotional and physical well-being. When we sleep we loose consciousness but our mind still works. Some people believe that depending on our desires, thoughts and events, we see them as dreams and the mind works in such a way that it fulfils whatever you desire. I don't know what to believe :/ I don't question it really. I don't think there is a exact reason why we do.

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My brother-in-law (PhD in Psychology) says that it is the brains way of deleting 'spam'...


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I must have got too many spams then since I dream of the same thing over and over again...:)

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It's our brains way of organizing everything that happens during the day. That's why if you don't sleep, you'll eventually go insane; because your brain doesn't have a chance to slow down and file things away.

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We dream because we go to sleep with something on our minds that did not come out during the day. So at night our brain takes care of that.

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coz it ll be hella boring spendng eight hours doin nothin..plus..there s alwayss stuffs to talk abt
seriously though...i have no idea

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Because the television is not much use when you are asleep.

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