How can I download photos on my iPod touch?

How can I download photos on my iPod touch? Do they have to be from a file on my computer? If so, how can you get your photo application to recognize your iPod so you can sync them?

Answer #1

The thing (No matter how annoying it is) about the ipod is that your pictures must be synced through iTunes. Unless…you sync through iPhoto or something like that. I use that and it’s wonderfull, but it doesn’t do music. So obviously iTunes would be the best choice. Here’s how you do it. 1 When you get into itunes click your ipod’s picture 2 There should be a a place titled pictures; Click it. 3 Go to your files and pick which pictures you want 4 Sync to your ipod Easy-peasy, right?

Answer #2

So simple and I am going to give it a GO. Thanks!!

Answer #3


Photos are synced onto iTouch through iTunes :)

That’s the only program you need—no other photo applications will recognize the iTouch.

Answer #4

I think, it should be just a matter of opening up iTunes, and going “Import to Library” - don’t quote me on that though, I’ve never imported pics to iTunes…

Answer #5

Okay thanks, but how do I get my photos onto iTunes?

Answer #6

I need help I still dont understand… -_- I cant find my ipods pictuer any where… because the old comp I had my ipod filed on well… it crashed… so I bought me a new one for my b-day… anyway I cant find it and I dont know how can you tell me how… please

Answer #7

I have a question… Our MAC hard drive burned out and we had to get a new one, thus losing all my pics! UGH! I have all the pics on my iTouch. Can I get them back onto the computer so I can actually use them?

Answer #8

first step is 2 take the pictures you want on there! then you go onto itunes and click your ipod and then click the photos tab and then click I think it is choose photos or something or you can do all the photos on your computer! then you click apply and then when it is done applying click sync! and then they will be on your ipod touch!

Answer #9

Hi ! I already have pics on my ipod touch and when I click sync, it says that it wants to delete the pics on my ipod to replace them with the new ones… there is no way of just adding the new pics ??

Answer #10


yes, you can. knect iPod to computer, launch iPhoto, select your ipod from the devices menu, select import all in the bottom right corner.

Answer #11

Here’s how I do it:

  1. Connect itouch to computer
  2. If a note pops up on computer saying “A camera has been detected” click it, if not, go to Start-}My computer-}Camera(if its not their, send a message and ill see what I can do)
  3. Once that is open, click on pictures
  4. Now, minimize that and find the pictures you want to put on there
  5. Make a new folder and copy all the photos and put in there(optional but makes it organized)
  6. Finally, copy each one in the folder and place them in the folder with the default pictures.
  7. Unplug itouch and let it turn off. Wait a minute, turn it back on and go into pictures
  8. You’re done!
Answer #12

-1st off you need all the photos you want uploaded in one folder. -then plug your itouch into your comp. then open the “Photos” tab on your itouch (which is under devices) -there will be box beside “Sync photos from:” -select the folder w/your photos -select all photos -select apply

Hope this hlps, unfortunately you can only download photos from one source at a time (I think)

Answer #13

I have a new ipod touch and I dont know how to put music and pictures in it the most problem is the pictures!! =( can anyone help who knows so much about ipod touch!! thnx

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