Downloading limewire

Ok should I download limewire?? I know its illegal and my rents dont really want me using it bc of that but everyone I know uses it. And its a hassle to have to buy on itunes. And plus its my computer so my rents woodnt really know. But is there like a chance I cood be arrested or something!? I wood specifically like advice from older members on their views

Answer #1

I have frostwire.. I like it better than limewire

Answer #2

limewire makes your computer crash a lot .

Answer #3

well its a illegal software.if you downloaded it than its ok .

if you try to open more sites and they will trace your ip after that they will warned you .

if you will do more they will you a punishment.

so be careful what you downloaded and what you get it .

Answer #4

now for you noobz of pirating an intro in how the cops are able to get your IP

an agency uploads a file with a tracker and they check who downloaded it and when

this is mostly used for tracking pedophiles who are able to get child pornography (its one of the downs of limewire, making that sorta stuff available)

that is how people are mostly caught… a fake file, you download, you get busted. simple…

now there I also the ISP, if it is a very commercial one and you live3 in the US, well tough luck, they will track you if you download ALBUMS (and I must note ALBUMS not single songs) or movies that havent come out yet, your ISP may well warn you once, and then tell the cops…

but im unsure what ISP’s in the US do that sorta thing…

other than that your OK

im in albania I can copyright as much as I like :P

no real law on computers :D

Answer #5

limewire is a program that is LEGAL and VIRUS FREE the actual installer doesnt have any viruses! its a type of trialware (you try it, for unlimited time and if you wish you buy it)

now downloading songs isnt that illegal and you wont be arrested unless you like sell the songs after burning them on CD

limewire doesnt make your PC crash, so the person above me should get a new PC if it does it to hers…

as for viruses, if you DONT download tiny zip files that have the names of the songs or gibberish written as their names then you wont get any problems really…

Answer #6

I was like you and all my friends said download, nothing will happen because theres 2 much going on in the economy. and I did and got a bunch of free songs, and didnt get in trouble but one day when I turned my computer on it was all screwed up, so it gave it a virus and now we cant use the internet on that computer and it takes a lon time for it 2 turn on. I would suggest paying a one time fee on a legal site and then you get free music 4 ever

Answer #7

is it free of charge everytime im downloading in limewire?

Answer #8

I know A LOT of people who have limewire on their computer and nothing’s happened to them so far… I was advised not to download it because of the viruses it may contain though.

Answer #9

You can be tracked through your IP address and contacted by law enforcement. My roommate used to download and was warned. They list SPECIFICALLY what you download and what you can get in trouble for. Be careful.

Answer #10

“” free limewire pro I used it, its real and it works. and yea you should download it for mp3’s and all that if you want to get an actual program from limewire search google first so your chances will be smaller to get a virus

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