Dope/pot and my Dad

my dad smokes pot, and tabbacco. but should I be really worried about the pot?? I mean I no a bit about it… but can you get sick from smoking to much at a time?? is he likely to get high?? can you tell me more about pot>?? is it really that much worse than tabbacco and alchohol?? why is it illegal when tobacco and alchohol aren’t??

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thanx xx minalae

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If and when your Dad decides to stop, a very powerful aid (and if he is addicted he absolutely will need help) is MA (marijuana anonymous.) He can get their number through AA (alcoholics anonymous). Meanwhile you might want to consider going to a meeting of either Ala-non or Ala-teen. These meetings are for the family and friends of addicts. You will learn a great deal from people who are in your situation. And, according to Dr. Drew Pinsky – the leading expert on addiction medicine, and the host of Loveline – your attending these meetings is the SINGLE most likely way you can help your Dad. You can get the phone number for local meetings by calling AA – it will be in the phone book. Good Luck!!

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hehehe they always have long things don’t they!! thanx though

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wow!!! that was a lot of info!! I think I understood a bit… but those bits helped!! thanx

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your welcome =]=] got it off wikipedia !!!

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yeah lol np

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I wouldnt worry about your father, he has probably been smoking pot since before you were born

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Cannabis, also known as marijuana or marihuana, or ganja is a psychoactive product of the plant Cannabis sativa, or more often, Cannabis sativa subsp. indica. The herbal form of the drug consists of dried mature flowers and subtending leaves of pistillate (female) plants. The resinous form, known as hashish,consists primarily of glandular trichomes collected from the same plant material. The major biologically active chemical compound in cannabis is Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), commonly referred to as THC.

Humans have been consuming cannabis since prehistory, although in the 20th century there was a rise in its use for recreational, religious or spiritual, and medicinal purposes. It is estimated that about four percent of the world’s adult population use cannabis annually and 0.6 percent daily. Cannabis is the world’s most often used illegal drug. The possession, use, or sale of psychoactive cannabis products became illegal in most parts of the world in the early 20th century. Since then, some countries have intensified the enforcement of cannabis prohibition while others have reduced the priority of enforcement.

Cannabis has psychoactive and physiological effects when consumed. The minimum amount of THC required to have a perceptible psychoactive effect is about 10 micrograms per kilogram of body weight. Smoking of cannabis is the most harmful method of consumption, since combustion of material and inhalation of smoke in itself from organic materials such as tobacco, wood, gasoline and cannabis causes various health problems. By using a vaporizer or orally consuming cannabis, many health problems and many objections to using cannabis as medicine can be eliminated.

A recent study by the Canadian government found cannabis smoke contained more toxic substances than tobacco smoke. The study determined that marijuana smoke contained 20 times more ammonia, and five times more hydrogen cyanide and nitrogen oxides than tobacco smoke. In spite of this, a recent large-scale study found no correlation between heavy marijuana use and lung cancer, despite noting that cannabis contains the same carcinogens as tobacco. The same study found a 20-fold increase in lung-cancer rates of smokers who consumed two or more packs of cigarettes per day. These researchers postulated that the THC present may have a “protective effect” by causing aging cells to die before they become cancerous. Other recent research suggest the cannabinoid CBD may stop certain cancers from spreading, although not in concentrations consumed during smoking.

In contrast, a study published in the January 2008 edition of the journal Respirology found that “regular” cannabis smokers who developed bullous lung disease] did so on average 24 years sooner than tobacco smoking counterparts.] Researchers attributed this to the inhalation of a larger volume of smoke, and typically holding it for four times longer than tobacco smokers. Bullous lung disease is considered an uncommon cause of respiratory distress.] In general, habitual inhalation of any kind of smoke is detrimental to lung health.

Cannabis use has been assessed by several studies to be correlated with the development of anxiety, psychosis and depression, however, the causality of the correlation and its direction is a subject of debate that has not been resolved in the scientific community. Some studies assess that the causality is more likely to involve a path from cannabis use to psychotic symptoms rather than a path from psychotic symptoms to cannabis use, while others assess the opposite direction of the causality, or hold cannabis to only form parts of “causal constellation”, while not inflicting mental health problems that would not have occurred in the absence of the cannabis use.

Studies have also shown links between heavy long-term use (over five joints daily over several years) and incidence of heart attacks, strokes, as well as abnormalities in the amygdala and hippocampus regions of the brain.

hope that helped

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id be more worried if he was drinking and smoking cigarettes all the time weed is good for health it regulates everything in the human body

lol dont listen to what people tell u, its all misleading information you need to do your own research and see for urself

These are some of the comments I have copied from a forum

-pharmaceuticals are known to kill more people than illegal drugs

-marijuana is the number 1 cash crop in the world it serves as a natural medicine and has many other uses thats why they prohibited it so big companies can make more profit thanks to “bad journalism”

-can also help aids patients, aids diminishes appetite have them smoke a joint and they regain their appetite counteracting the illness

-no one can die from smoking cannabis and has been no known deaths compared to everything else including alcohol, tobacco, etc..

I myself have asthma and smoking opens up my airways making it easier to breathe with no side effects when medically legalized in my state I look foward to becoming a patient for prescription marijuana. 12 states have already legalized it along with other countries in the world and more following my job is to educate people that are not aware of the plants uses


-I did most of my research through websites, books, magazines, and the news high times magazine etc..

  • theres more to it than just getting high and I believe legalizing it would make this a better world to live in

-God bless the whole crop!

  • and for people that dont smoke, you dont need to smoke it to support it

-all the better reason for the government to legalize.. couple reasons why it should be legalized: -will be removed from black market and stop empowering gang members -medical reasons -would be sold like alcohol, remember alcohol was once prohibited too (in stores away from children, have to be 21+) -would be a law that you cant drive while intoxicated on weed -prison population would lower (prisons are overcrowding with nonviolent offenders) -keep patients from being convicted -would provide millions of jobs for people -would make us an independent country (fuel, etc.., debt free america)

people with an addiction (including hard drugs) shouldnt be thrown in jail, they need help theres more people in jail with mental illnesses than there are in mental institutions

the list goes on

  • the War on Drugs is a failure, its a war on its own people. policies need to be changed we pay billions in taxpayers money to keep the war going and neither side is winning thats just a waste of our tax money I wonder what they do with all that money.. those greedy bastards just sell drugs back onto the street, you can even check urself on that there was a time when there was a cia operation transporting drugs overseas into america the government also provided Rick Ross with plenty of heroin to go around, course making money from it

the truth must be exposed, theyre dirty work must stop!

-Of course we can do something about it, we all just need to unite screw the federal government remember slavery? if no one stood up im pretty sure it would still be going on people were tortured, beaten, killed and thrown in jail but that didnt stop them standing up for their rights eventually slavery was abolished same with alcohol prohibition eventually became re-legalized

  • its like theres some kind of conspiracy going on I sense the government is up to no good and trying to control us. credit cards, money, and now they have chips that can be implanted in skin for uselful reasons but if in the wrong hands well were pretty much fuct they hiding the truth from us its dangerous to be right when the government is wrong they got theyre privacy but we dont. they want to know everything were doing on our leisure time

get up stand up!

  • marijuanas not anti-establishment because its illegal, its illegal because its anti-establishment

all facts stated have been double-checked and confirmed want to learn more? lets all make this a better place to live in!

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Marijuana is both emotionally and mentally addictive. Once an individual becomes addicted to marijuana it develops into part of who they believe themselves to be. Avoiding their friends who do not use, the addict will gravitate to others that do. Marijuana is a topic that is always on their mind, whether it be thinking about the next time they will be able to get high or where their going to get their next sack. When someone is addicted to marijuana eventually their friends and the people close to them only know how they act when their stoned because they no longer do anything without first smoking. Their constant abuse is due to the misconception that marijuana is what they need to solve their problems. Sometimes addicts will take their stash with them wherever they go, just in case an opportunity arises and they are able to take a couple hits. They may even go through several dealers in order to make sure they always have a constant supply of marijuana - For assistance Call 1-800-405-8409:

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because the goverment wont mk money out of because its easy to home grow

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