How do you pass a polygraph test?


Answer #1

Tell the truth!

Answer #2

the only way I will tell you how to pass the polygraph test is to tell the truth, if the truth is bad, you will still pass the polygraph test, just not the rest of the whole situation. There are other ways, very simple infact, however I am not the one to tell you.

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Answer #3

Tell the truth duh!!! If you gon lie, you can hang that sh** up!!!

Answer #4

The first rule is to avoid polygraph tests like the plague. If you are charged with a crime you can not be forced to take a polygraph test; if you take the test the results are inadmisible in court. The Employee Polygraph Protection Act prohibits most private employers from using the polygraph as a condition of employment. Government employees are not covered by this act though may be protected by other rules and regulations.

The science behind polygraph tests is very flimsy. It is a scandal that these are used for security clearances and government employee screening. Serial killers and spies have often beaten polygraph tests; in these cases the polygraph test was worse than nothing because it deflected suspicion from the guilty. It is very likely that most of the physiological response that lie detectors pick up on is the belief of the person being tested that their lie will be detected. In otther words, if you think the polygraph test can detect lies it is more likely to. Some people practice biofeedback to train themselves to not display the physiological responces that the polygraph test flags as a lie.

Lots of guilty people pass polygraph tests and lots of people who fail polygraph tests are later cleared by other evidence. Basically the polygraph is little better than astrology or reading tea leaves. A woman I know was acused of stealing at a restaurant and asked to take a polygraph test she said she would take it if her boss would also take the test; when her boss declined the pressure on her to take it ended. One custodian I know worked for the state of Texas noticed that after several hundred dollars turned up missing that all the black custodians (including some who were out of town at the time of the theft) were asked to take the test but none of the white custodians. The union got involved and informed them that they couldn’t do this; unfortunately one of the suspected employees decided to voluntarily take the polygraph test to clear his name and tester reported that the employee was evasive and untruthful.

Answer #5

Passing a polygraph test could be quite simple but there aren’t many ways to do it. Don’t listen to the people posting “just tell the truth” because they’re idiots. If you can train yourself to believe the lie that you’re prepared to tell is the truth, it can be passed.

Answer #6

you should aldo have consistant breathing. breath in your nose for 4 secconds and out your mouth 8. or 2 and 4. just make sure your exhale is twice as long as your inhale. also when you are sitting stay open. like dont cross your arms of legs those are HUGE signs of a lier.

Answer #7

The only way to pass a polygraph test, is by telling the truth! If you lie, it will register as a lie!

Answer #8

well the solution of drugs may work with zanax bars but chances are if your in a police station taking a polygraph test and your high its probly freak you out so I wouldnt recomend that also if your are a sociopath you will can pass a lie detector test I’ve also heard that seisure medication can throw of reults of these test I suppose if you were to step on a tack everytime you were truthful it would raise your heart rate but there is no garruntee that it would be on the same level if you were to lie so if you intend to lie dont take the test

Answer #9

The best way to pass a polygraph test is to only tell the truth. :)

Answer #10

by telling the truth, silly!

seriously, tell the truth. shame on the people who are trying 2 help you lie, SHAME!

Answer #11

Duh. Don’t lie! Does it really take a genious to figure THAT one out? :-P

Answer #12

I agree with Mike, don’t listen to those idiots who tell you “just say the truth” “ the truth shall set you free”, the truth will not get you a job to support your family!!! For those with that RIDICULOUS advice, think of this. Do you believe all those who are now Police Officers didn’t lie when the test was given to them??? PLEEEASE, the majority of them lied!(YOU HAVE TOO, we would have no cops on the street)!! If you want to pass the test, PRACTICE! Put yourself in the situation, pratice your beathing and most important, DON”T believe that a polygraph can actually detect lies, LMAO! In a police polygraph (for employment) they’ll have you fill out a form asking you about your past drug usage, undetected crimes, theft and so forth. They will start with a baseline question, Ex: your name, then they will start pounding you and when you think it’s over, they repeat the same questions over again! Regulate your beathing like a scuba diver those to conserve air. GOOD LUCK

Answer #13

I will not help you, to lie on one, if that is your intent.

However, to be honest is best, the polygraph test monitors you’re heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and brain activity waves and movement. Basically, there is a set margin for whom may consist of honest answer that would give out a normal heart rate,bp, breathing & brain waves.

When people lie, their heart rate jumps up, as does their breathing & blood pressure.

They tend to watch closely if this happens, or if you fidget in your seat, and the electro waves emitted from your brain, that give of a high reading. All play significant factors into the test.

My best advice is to maintain a calmness, try as best not to be nervous or move around like you are. Remain still & composed, because the slightest movement or agitation may set of the machine.

Good Luck & Be Honest.

Answer #14

no way dude they are wrong!!! i can pass a polly test lieing the whole time!! what you do is put a thumb tack in your shoe under your big toe then on every qustion press your toe down lightly on the tack. your body reacts to the physical pain and the polly test measures it as long at you do it every time they will think you are telling the truth cuz the polly came out consistant every time. trust me this works

Answer #15

I once hear that if you yourself belive what you are saying is true than it will come up as true. for example…if they ask was the last time you saw your brother within the last 2 days but you havent seen your bro in weeks…the I would remind myself that I have a pic of my bro and I lokked at that yesterday…so yes I did see him. erego that is a lie…but in a sense also true…if you belive it…then your heart rate and stuff wont be alterd…at least so I’ve heard never had the chance to try it

Answer #16

I dont know how to help you, but I do know there are people who can lie without having any symptoms that are sought for to tell when a person is lying. They’re called Sociopaths.

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